A house music mix worth sharing

This mix was recently uncovered on the always great Trackwerk blogsite and normally I would just share this one with you in a random list of other great mixes. However, due to the archival nature of this mix I thought it deserved it's own post to highlight its greatness.
It's a Ministry Of Sound mix circa 1992 when house music was at the peak of its power and the mix was by one of house's founding members-Pal Joey. Some will instantly connect P.J. with the Orb remix of "Little Fluffy Clouds" and its invariable David Mancuso/Loft connotations. It was one hellva track but let's not forget in 1992 Junior Vasquez was still making relevant tracks (under the guise Ellis D on this mix) and P.J. was playing alongside Larry Levan, David Morales, Tony Humphries, and Kenny Carpenter. I gotts say the Robert Owens and Kevin Saunderson really take me back.

Love Save the Day ?
Robert Owens - I’ll be your Friend
Sounds of Blackness - The Pressure
Tickle - Bubbles
Happy Song or Dance bootleg
Basil Hardhaus - Hard for the DJ
ABT - I Desire U
NY Housin’ Authority - Survelliance Cameras
ESP - Its you
Niceguy Soulman - Can you feel it
3 Generations - Get it Off
Tyree Cooper - Hard Core Hip House
Underground Inc. - Magic Noire
Fast Eddie - Lets Go
Susan Clark - Deeper
Ce Ce Peniston - Finally
Basscut - I’m not in Love
Pal Joey - Party Time
Ellis D - Its Scratched
Beautiful People - I Got The Rhythm
Ellis D - Dub Break
Raw Elements Ep- Raw Basics
Mass Order - Lift Every Voice
Reese Project - Direct Me
Station Q - That Special Melody

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