CONDUIT 11 Mix - Dark Days Coming Pt. 1

CONDUIT 11 Mix - Dark Days Coming Pt. 1
by Sean-Michael Yoder

There are quiet a few things going on with my latest CONDUIT mix. First, it's been awhile since I've done an afterhours mix like this one - dark, deep, and hazy. It's 5AM somewhere when you dig into this mix. I also did a shorter mix, one hour instead of the standard two, basically just to throw down some tracks and get the creative juices flowing again. Many will notice that none of these tracks are particularly new because the intent here was to create vibe and flow, not just bring another 120 minutes of the latest hot promos. Don't worry, I'll return to that shortly. It was also a chance to create a much larger story arc with parts two and three already in the can. When completed, this CONDUIT installment will be a three hour sunset to sun-up journey. I also decided to mix the standard chronological flow up by starting at 5AM rather than 5PM, because I much prefer the 5AM vibe to the 5PM one. Just having some fun and sharing the results, which I thought turned out pretty damn good overall.

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STREAM CONDUIT 11- Dark Days Coming Pt. 1

E.D.C. - The City of Clones (Every Detail Counts)
Dodi Palese - Brainscapes (Engrave Ltd)
Deepak Sharma - Cho Oyu (Hidden Recordings)
Matuss - Menuet No. 13 (Abe Duque Remix) (Absence Seizure)
Ellen Allien - Mind Journey (Skudge Remix) (Bpitch Control)
Solenoid - I Left My Brain Back In the Warehouse (From 0-1)
Archie Hamilton - What's In Your Head (Moscow)
Cassy et Demuir - Please Me (Fred P Journey Mix (Kwench)
Anna Reusch - Papichulo (Bouq.)
Aki Bergen & Richter - Rituals feat Luben (On A Summer Morning) (Neurotraxx)
Roy England - Deep Space (Fables Remix) (Make Mistakes)
Enzo Siragusa - Gemini (Fuse)
DJ T. - Music Is Therapy (Moon Harbour)
Pan-Pot, Martin Eyerer, ABBY - Muddy Walls (Christine Lau Remix) (Riverside
Qindek - Projection of Detachement (Snejl Black)

BACK TO MINE Vol. 10 - Something's Got To Give

This one has been sitting in the can for awhile, waiting for the dark and cold days of December. The latest installment of this series bends and turns in a lot of different directions. It is also the closest to what the whole BTM thing is all about, a late night trip back through my collection and what I would actually play for you should such a situation arise. So sit back, relax, and take a load off your soul.


The Beatles - Long, Long, Long
The Cure - A Forest
The Sword - The Dreamthieves (Acoustic)
Terry Callier - Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun)
Beastie Boys - Something's Got To Give
Al Green - I'm Glad You're Mine
D'Angelo - Feel Like Makin' Love
Urban Dance Squad - Bureaucrat of Flaccostreet
Davey Graham - Sunshine Raga
James Yorkston - The Lang Toun
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Into the Tree
Emika - Dilo 7
AAAA - Jazz D June
Echo Park - The Sound of Money
Ellen Allien - Erdmond (FaltyDL Remix)
Babyland - The Door Northern
Trippin Jaguar - Astraea
David Bowie - Golden Years (The Reflex Revision)
Coober Pedy University Band - Moon Plain
Heretic - Death Cult
Dance Spirit - Beauty & Sadness
Hyman Bass feat Hipoteco la Cassa - Be Quiet &Drive
Jack Dangers Meets Dubloner - Rebiana Sand Sea


CONDUIT 10 Mix - Round Valley

CONDUIT 10 Mix - Round Valley
by Sean-Michael Yoder

It's been 7 months since my last CONDUIT installment, and to be honest, this one has been sitting in the can since mid July. I wasn't happy with the results of this mix at first but I spent a lot of time listening to it, really letting it soak in, and I found it's one of the most organic, grip-it-and-rip-it mixes I've made in a long, long time. Round Valley is a summer time adventure that has a nice live feel to its track selection and is quite a satisfying dog days thrill.

DOWNLOAD CONDUIT 10 - Round Valley
STREAM CONDUIT 10 - Round Valley


PillowTalk - Hold Me Down (Extended Mix)(PillowTalk Music)
Basti Grub - Sueno de Ballariina (Hoehenregler)
andhim - Tosch feat. Piper Davis (Superfriends Records)
Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel - Old Tortures (Broque)
Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime (Gunther Robles Bootleg)(white)
Cubenx - Blazing (Infine Music)
Moby - Porcelain (Timo Maas James Teej's Broken China Dub)(Rockets & Ponies)
My Favorite Robot - Want Some (My Favorite Robot)
Brett Johnson & Mikey V - Runaway (Final Dub)(Housewax)
Adam Port & Stereo MCs - Changes (Adam Port Remix) (Freerange)
Ouria & This Confussion - High Enough (We Are Here Music)
Pysh feat. Poludnice - Sadom (David Jach Remix) (Mono Noise)
Joeski - What Is Dub Love (Poker Flat)
Ryan Crosson - What State I'm In featuring Cari Golden (Monologue)
Horn of Plenty - The Righteous (Biotop)
Tigerskin - Chip Chop (Mioli Music)
Denite - Moving On (With Compliments)
Kings of Tomorrow - Kaoz (Dario D'Attis Remix) (Poker Flat)
AFFKT & Thomas Gandey - Overnight Sensation (Kling Klong)
Alex Moda - A Place Called Myanmar (House Music With Love)
Denite & The Liquid Mirror - Everything Is Evolution (SpeakOf & Santini Remix)(Redlight Music)
La Fraicheur & Cluss Trover - Septembre (Lady Maru Remix)(Ayeko)
LJ Hawk Feat Quails - Heart Still Beats (Salted Music)
Sergio Mateo - The Nothing Box (Pino remix) (Night Noise)
Linus & Eingrad - Der Turm (feat. Celina de Torres)(Broque)
Soledrifter - Silence Is Sound Feat Issa (Salted Music)
Soulspace - You (When Pandas Attack Remix) (Wind Horse)


BACK TO MINE Vol. 9 - I Am Damo Suzuki

The latest installment of BTM was in development right around the time Mark E. Smith died. While Smith irritated to me no end as a person, his curmudgeoned tenacity to a particular style of minimalism was admirable. Many critics heaped praise on The Fall as being a truly original with a unique vision, I always felt they were an extremely clever knock off of Pere Ubu, which - for me - is where things get interesting. Most of those same critics also would have gotten that comparison backward, with a "no one really knows" set of logic (sub-logic?) and a strong but indefensible attachment to Team Brittania. The history of modern music has constantly been re-written over the past 40 or so years, much of it hostile to the very singularity of vision the Smiths, Laughners, and Thomases of the world helped forge in the first place. The bottom line: Be different, but not too different.

I fall victim to the revisionists' trap sometimes, especially in my deep love soundtracks. But as I look back over the last 30 yrs. I've committed to DJ'ing I see my own line drawn in the sand...starting with radio friendly prog rock channeled through the dividing line of Pere Ubu, who - thanks to Allen Ravenstine - neatly straddled the borders - on to the Fall and many, many other acts of a distinct timbre. You can draw line connecting the dots between all of these different interests and tastes of mine, it's the closest thing I have found to what people of faith describe as a soul. In that delineation,  I feel, sometimes,  that I am the titular Damo Suzuki from one of my favorite Smith tunes - a raving lunatic - part Diogenes disguised as annoying hipster and part fraud - all in search of an aesthetic that is as hard to define as it is to follow. In that spirit, I created a mix that tried to capture lightning in a bottle and also expose a truer sense of my musical core, which is what a good Back To Mine is supposed to do and something I felt I was getting away from in search of ephemera. Returning to my aesthetic roots felt natural and easy this time around and as such, a mix that feels less forced. Until next time... Enjoy!


Dirk Powell - La Terre Tremblante
Nick Cave/Warren Ellis - The Proposition #1
Alpha Stone - Vesuvio One
John Martyn - Solid Air
David Axelrod - Holy Thursday
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Sparkly
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
Darkness Falls - Noise On The Line
Slowdive - Shine
Kito Jempere - Gas Station (Juju & Jordash Remix)
Autechre - Nine
Carly Foxx - Burns like (Winter Ghost Mix)
Fables - Walk
Fluxion - Subliminal Tone
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Pt. 1
Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang
DJ Hell - Anything Anytime (Extended Version)
John Carpenter - Main Title
Audioglider - Always & Infinite
Jori Hulkkonen - Don't Believe In Happiness
Masaya & Ripperton - Flow of Tears
City of Hungry Ghosts - Peculiar Hobbies
Roman Fluegel - 9 Years
Max Cooper - Sea of Sound (Ambient Rework)


CONDUIT 09 Mix - Submerged

CONDUIT 09 Mix - Submerged
by Sean-Michael Yoder
It's been about 6 months since the last CONDUIT mix, not exactly the timely schedule I wanted to keep to but, life is life. I have been wrapped up in my other mix series, BACK TO MINE, and I haven't been that turned on by the floor fillers because most of the records I've been previewing for the past 18 months haven't been all that great. There also haven't been many audiences outside this podcast series to road test anything good with, either. To combat this ongoing slide into apathetic entropy I upgraded my DJ equipment, got more series about hunting for quality tracks I actually want to play, and a new local night called the Submerged Sessions. The ninth installment of the CONDUIT series reflects that newly restored enthusiasm for bringing the peak hour heat with a 40+ track mix that covers a lot of ground and reflects my diverse tastes quite well. Hopefully big #10 doesn't take another six months.


STREAM CONDUIT 09 - Submerged


Real Nois - The Light (Riton Remix) (Real Nois)
Krenzlin - Delay (Pacou Remix) (Complexed)
Pred & Velmann - Ghost DX (Biotop)
Monolyth - Message From Space (Konstruktiv)
Trevino - Slide Away (Hotflush Recordings)
Anja Schneider - Changes (Mobilee)
Oliver Schories - Artik (Marc DePulse Edition) (Chapter 24)
Davina Moss - Hive (Matt Tolfrey Remix) (Do Not Sleep)
Werner Niedermeier & Master Seb  - Smooth (Jerome Sydenham's Power Dub Remix) (Ayeko)
Max Durante - Riot R94 (Sonic Groove)
Gennaro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston - Swordlead (Samuel L. Session Remix) (Variety Music)
Altamira - To Be Right (Dromme Remix) (We Are Here)
Landsky & Resmann - Poly Mono (Upon You)
Hiroshi Watanabe - The Leonids (Transmat)
Bryan Zentz - Disjecta Membra (Traumraum)
A45 - Fleeting Moments (Engrave Ltd)
Kings of Tomorrow - Kaoz (Poker Flat)
Santonio Echols aka 4-313 - Demensional Characters (Detroit Mix) (Ayeko)
Nastia Reigel - Figures in Brine (Truncate Repaint) (Credo)
Carlo Lio - Prey 4U (Do Not Sleep)
Rhys Fulber - Effigy (Sonic Groove)
Fixmer/McCarthy - Chemicals (Sonic Groove)
Andre Crom - Syncopate (2000 and One Remix) (100% Pure)
Frankyeffe - Go Way From Here (Klaudia Gawlas Remix) (Riot Recordings)
Deeplomatik - I Wanna Dance (Dub Mix) (Salted Music)
DJ Dag & Gabriel Le Mar 0 Skatalite (Pascal F.E.O.S. Treatment) (Complexx Music)
Nick Garcia - Chiba City (Night Vision Music)
Sepalcure - Devil Inside (LA 4A Remix) (Hotflush Recordings)
Eddoh - Era Of Conciousness (Tuff City Kids Remix) (Smile 4 A While)
Sascha Dive - Planet E (8Bit)
Josh Wink - Shoelaces (Truncate Remix) (Boysnoize)
Sol Glissant - Cali Love (white)
Simina Grigoriu - Just Plane Drunk (House Music With Love)
Shlomi Aber - Paradox (Markus Suckut Remix) (Be As One)
Benoit & Sergio - Different Place (House Music With Love)
Fables - Endless Bliss (Hush & Sleep Remix) (Ellora)
Hector Couto - Groover (Saved)
Jewel Kid - The Highway Man (Break New Soil)
DJ T. - Our House (Moon Harbour)
Moby - Natural Blues (Coyu Remix) (Suara)
Nick Curly - Second Lick (8Bit)
Mark Fanciulli - Vision (Rules Music)
Sharam - Call To Me feat Daniel Bedingfield (Sharam's Own Remix) (Yoshitoshi Recordings)


BACK TO MINE Vol. 8 - Another Year

Another new year, who knows what that will bring? Possibilities are the best things we can hope for, the possibility to weather the storm and  to reap the bounty of a windfall. In the spirit of bounty, here's a mix I uncovered from about 2 years ago. It was obviously made for this podcast or perhaps another but it was definitely intended for use. As a result of the windfall,  I am able to give you two Back To Mine mixes this month. Don't ever expect that again, unless I find another unreleased mix in the archives, which is always a possibility.



Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues
Jarboe - Lavender Girl
Brian Eno - Another Green World
Dusted - Childhood
Paul Weller - Wild Wood (Sheared Wood Remix)
Hatti Vatti - Wonderful World feat Cian Finn
Bjork - All Neon Like
Beta Band - It's Not Too Beautiful
UNKLE - Reign feat Mani & Ian Brown
David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town
Death In Vegas - Killing Smile feat Hope Sandoval
Thomash - Calango Fumando Palha (Lunar Version)
17 Pygmies - Crossing the River
Suicide - Wild In Blue
Depeche Mode - Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
Nightmares on Wax - The Sweetest
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - Midnight Marauders
Sonic Youth - Candle
808 State - Pacific 212 (Justin Strauss Miix)
El_Txef_A - The Love We Lost feat Woolfy
Tosca - Annanas (G-Corporation dub)
Swayzak - Then There's Her
El_Txef_A - You Left Us In This Physical World feat Hannot
School of Seven Bells - Connjur
David Brilli, Savvas K - Tangeri (David Durango Emo version)
Apparat - Arcadia (video edit)
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (original live take)
Doves - M62 Song
Bibio - Beweley In White
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl feat Hope Sandoval
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt, Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)
Max Cooper - The End of Reason (Ambient Rework - Vinyl Edit)


BACK TO MINE Vol.7 - My Old School

2017 was a cosmic kick to the balls for me. I honestly don't think I could pass through any more fire short of the crisis that comes prior to eventual mortality. Last year was CRAZY. And yet somehow, I passed through it all relatively unscathed. I am thankful 2017 is over and for a new year that is just beginning. Looking back it was a goodbye to all that came before and hello future, my latest Back to Mine mix reflects that feeling. I'd especially like to point out the David J. Boswell track, "Heavy Load" and its b-side, "Better Days". Definitely my favorite single of 2017. Hoping there is a full album this year.

Enjoy and happy 2018!



Love & Rockets - Saudade
L.U.C.A. - Niagara
Alain Kan - Nadine, Jimmy et Moi (Monoblok & PSLKTR Edit)
The Clash - Return to Brixton
Dansor - Hunger of the Steel
Steely Dan - My Old School (The Reflex Revision)
Asha Puthil - Space Talk
Wolfgang Tillmans - Make It Up As You Go Along (Daniel Wang & J.E.E.P. Remix)
Rework - Dreaming Is Fun
Groove Corporation - Dub Call & Reprise
The Rejected - Lucky Lucio
Radion - I Am Another You
Red Axes - Boosha Gdola
Ministry - All Day Remix
Audioglider - Moulin Bessou'ed
David J. Boswell - Heavy Load
Baby Ford - Move On (Alternate Mix)
Suba - Felcidades (Funky Lowlives Breathless Mix)
Herbest Moon - Blow Your Body Francois K Deep Space Dub)
Elon - Seventeen feat Mr. Reed
Zsou - Admiral Byrd (Dreems & Peret Mako Remix)  


A Playlist for Pumpkin & Zephyr

Recently, we lost our beloved cat Pumpkin to an unexpected illness. Although, it was very difficult we got an opportunity to hospice her to the very end and spend some time saying goodbye to a really great cat taken from us way too soon. This comes on the heels of losing our dog Zephyr over the summer. While his death was long expected due to his advanced age, nothing ever prepares you for the gut punch of losing a great dog. We've experienced two pets we loved very much in the same year once before back in 2009. That Christmas was very difficult for us, we spent a lot of time crying while opening presents, mainly pictures of our two cats - Cicero and Omelette. Those two went missing with fates that remained uncertain, but based on living in the deep woods, our worst fears could only be confirmed. If you are an animal lover, that's a shock you don't easily recover|

The deaths of Pumpkin and Zephyr weren't that traumatizing, just sad. I miss them both...terribly. And yes, Christmas is going to be a little melancholic this year, but 2017 has been much more elegiac and solemn that 2009. I am older, more experience with death, and watch the circle of life play out through my back window that peers toward the feral cat colony that is my town every single day. I've buried enough cute kittens to last most folks a life time just this fall. It sucks, but that's just the way it is and you can't change it. You MUST accept it.

On the bright side...we have nurtured a litter of healthy kittens into adulthood and we're working on a second, even getting two of them adopted - one intentional, the other an unintentional by-product of taming feral kittens. We are also capturing as many ferals as we can and fixing them at our amazing local vet hospital. One of the huge upsides of living in the country is having a great local doctor and cat rescues in other cities willing to pick up the tab on spays and neuters for responsible citizens stupid enough to try to trap a feral cat. We're doing our part to combat the feral problem and cut down on the rampant death. It's still, mostly, a losing battle but one we are willing to fight. We nursed our other cat Sweetpea through a wicked cold brought on by the depression of losing her two besties this year and adopted little Bindi boy, a feisty little feral male with ticked fur and a pointy Abyssinian face. He was the sneezy, weezy runt of the litter with bad eyes and an even worse instinct about cars. Now he's an spazzy, mostly indoor kitten who is super aggressive and the scourge of the outdoor ferals, who are all terrified of him. We love him very much and we've noticed that Sweetpea has some pep in her step again, even if it's just to repeatedly swat Bindi in the face, reminding him of who is in charge around this place and to give her the space she desires.

As with all things in life, this year has been a mixed bag. In honor of the bitter and the sweet this year, I compiled a little video playlist of songs. The interesting fact here is that these were all songs in my iTunes library that I had playing on random on the last weekend of Pumpkin's life in the exact sequence they played originally. It was as if the cosmos knew what was going on and supplied a little soundtrack for the moment. But even if life is the random sequence of elements I think it is, it was still a powerful moment and one worth sharing.


BACK TO MINE Vol. 6 - The Endless Summer Nights

Another summer in the books, reduced to memories and scrapbooks. I've noticed that in my old age all of these summers filled with outdoor adventure have blended into an indistinguishable blur. I find it necessary to document each summer with a mix that kinda documents my comings and goings. The track selection is agonized over and every track means something, even if it only makes sense to me and those closest to me. But for the rest of you out there checking out this mix without any clear context it's a gentle mix meant to capture the ephemeral nature of summer. Imagine days  (and nights) so long and magnificent you wish they'd never end. But just like all of the other days of the year, summer quickly passes into history's dusty old scrapbook like a bittersweet memory.



The Chantels - Summertime
The The - Another Boy Drowning
Crooked Man - Coming Up For Air
Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter
Jesse Futerman - Jesse Is A Gambler (Jacques Renault Edit)
Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble - Yoruba Road (Boozoo Bajou Remix)
Nicola Cruz - Tzantza
Ruoho Ruotsi - Bèguèna Dub (feat. Isaac Haile Selassie)
Bell Towers - Midday Theme
ToCo - Sweet Elisa
Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble - Afrocosmic Drums (Jeff Sharel Remix)
The Analog Roland Orchestra - Urei Dub
Aphex Twin - Flim
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions - The Hiking Song
David J Boswell - Better Days
Lockyear - Taming the Elephant
Or La - Jaipur
Savvas K & David Brilli - Tangeri (David Durango Emo Version)
Thievery Corporation - The Temple of I & I
DJ Vadim & Sena - Morning Light
John & Beverly Martyn - Stormbringer
Sly & Robbie - Destination Unknown
Pretty Things - It'll Never Be Me
Robert Bensick Band - Sweet Pricilla
Talvin Singh - Traveller (Kid Loco's Once Upon A Time In The East Mix)


CONDUIT 08 Mix - Sinkyone #17

CONDUIT 08 Mix - Sinkyone #17
by Sean-Michael Yoder
Summer's gone and now that the intense heat has lifted it is time to look back at the season that was. There were a lot of good times and some not so good stuff as well. But, mostly, this summer was a time for some great music to be heard, played, and shared and that is what this mix is about. The title, although it might seem cryptic, is an homage to my wife & I making our 17th pilgrimage to our favorite spot on the planet - a lonely stretch of beach in the middle of nowhere and nearly to impossible to reach. We've made this trip so many times, I know ever bend of the highway and every landmark so setting those memories to an appropriate batch of tunes is not such a difficult task. The mix itself is a lazy afternoon meandering through some laidback Balearic and deep house tunes that should go well with the final few warm days of this year.

DOWNLOAD CONDUIT 08 - Sinkyone #17

STREAM CONDUIT 08 - Sinkyone #17


Cubenx - Banquet feat Pris Wayland (Infine Music)
Basti Grub - Ko Sar Ra Di (dub version) (Moan)
A1st - Theme of Sun Memory (Multi Culti)
Color War - Shapeshifting (Slow Porn Remix) (My Favorite Robot)
Zongamin - New Tribe (Multi Culti)
Cubenx - Our Fire (Han Remix) (Infine Music)
Dance Spirit - Mother Mother (white)
Ralf Hildenbeutel - Lucid Retouched (Rebecca & Nathan)
Savvas K & David Brilli - Tangeri (David Durango Emo Version) (Exotic Refreshment)
Sepalcure - Fight For Us (Prins Thomas Discomiks) (Hotflush Recordings
Fuddy Duddy - Falling Up (Acosta Wink Rmx) (99 Waves)
Kings of Tomorrow - Kaoz (Dub) (Poker Flat)
Estroe - Taxotere (Alexis Tyrel Remix) (Lessismore)
Miguel Migs - Body Moves (Body Love Mix)(Salted Music)
Linus & Eingrad - Traumfahrt feat. Celina de Torres (Broque)
Pallaspeople - Black Motive (Footjob)
Underquote - That Hurts (Exotic Refreshment)
Degrees of Freedom - Without You (?)
Ost & Kjex - Down River feat Hanne Kolsto - (Christian Löffler Remix) (Diynamic)
Youandme & The Analog Roland Orchestra - Reflection feat. Black Soda (Morning Light Mix) (Poker Flat)
Dean Sultani - Always (white)
Hatchets - Hey Benji (Prins Thomas Remix) (Gop Tun)
Lancelot - As It Were (Trunkfunk)
Hawke - Ganga Dances With the Swan (Long) (Hardkiss Music)
God Within - Raincry (Submerged Mix) (Hardkiss Music)


BACK TO MINE Vol. 5 - All That Remains

Summertime, it signals the return of the withering heat and also the time for my favorite outdoor activity - SWIMMING! I've already been swimming twice on the Middle Fork of the Eel River this summer, which is no easy feat from where I live. I have also waded into the milky back waters of a torrential Mill Creek. Lassen Peak, California's snowiest spot, is trying to shed its record snowfall from this year and it was pretty awe inspiring to see it flow just a few miles from it's headwaters on the south slope of Lassen. Plans are also in place for swimming on South Fork of the Eel River in the redwoods and, maybe...just maybe..., that elusive swimming hole at Dora Creek along the 101 that has eluded us for years, usually due to temperatures too low for swimming.

Of course, all this fun has put a serious damper on my plan to have two mixes per month out and on time - one for the dancefloor (The CONDUIT); the other for head-expandsion (Back to Mine). I've got some good ideas for both series moving forward but all of the summer fun dust will have to settle before I can actually do anything creative in terms of implementing these ideas. Let's talk again in the fall.

Well, enough about the nuts & bolts of this operation, let's talk about the music. My latest afterhours mix (Vol. 5!!) is a little more introspective than the others in this series. It was originally intended to be a companion piece to CONDUIT 07 - Are We Here?, a goodbye statement to my good friend and musical compadre, Logan 5. Peter has been such a big part of my musical experience in the 530 for such a long time that I wasn't going to let him leave without a proper sendoff. In the process of that sendoff, summer began and a lot of fun trips began eating up my free time, putting the posting of this mix off until a later date. In that time, Are We Here? took on new meaning, providing the soundtrack for getting lost in the wilderness on unmarked roads and how you rectify that situation by having a good laugh and a few beers in the backwoods. In addition to being a testimonial to my good friend's passage to a new life, All That Remains also began to take on a new life as it aged. It wa the perfect document to driving on a lot of lonely backroads this summer. First, to scatter my dad's ashes at his favorite out-of-the-way spot in the mountains and just seven days later a gentle companion on the road to one of my favorite out-of-the-way spots on the river. Mostly, this mix is a reflection on the passing of time and our mortality all set in an expansive, pastoral musical backdrop. And isn't that what summer is all about?

Keep a watch on the sandman of time
Will he gaze into your eyes or mine?
Will he knock on your door and invite you to the other side?
Catch him writing the score as he takes you on another ride
Hang on tight boy, you're starting to slide...

Chris Bell - Speed of Sound
Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle
Vondelpark - California Analog Dream
John Martyn - Small Hours
Nick Galemore - Repeated Voids
Azul Project/Stryke - Ain't No Sunshine
The Analog Roland Orchestra - Aftermath
Cluster - Manchmal
Tones on Tail - Lions
Die Vogel - Everything feat Sophia Kennedy
Len Leise - El Modelo
Mark Barrott - Sacred Islands
Little River Band - Light of Day
L.U.C.A. - In The Sun
Pink Floyd - I'm A Cliche Edit Service #35 by Monoblok & PSLKTR
The Clash - The Magnificent Dance
Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
Howie B - Under the Boardwalk
Shabazz Palaces - The Ballad of Lt. Maj. Winnings
Burt Bacharach - South American Getaway
Burt Jansch - All This Remains
Rare Bird - Passing Through
Super Furry Animals - Download
The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)


CONDUIT 07 Mix - Are We Here?

CONDUIT 07 Mix - Are We Here?
by Sean-Michael Yoder

Saying goodbye is never easy and I've never been that good at it either. I've done a lot of it so I figured at some point it would get easier or I'd improve but neither has happened to date. A recent case in point was the farewell bash thrown by my good friends the DiFalcos to send them off to new opportunities and adventures in Colorado. I can't imagine a better set of circumstances for them in their new life but I've found saying goodbye particularly tough. I often struggle communicating directly feelings like goodbye but I am good at expressing my emotions through music and words, especially conveying the more difficult ones.  This ability to derive catharsis tangentially rather than directly has been a mixed blessing, I never get to say what I'd really like to in my heart but I have found an outlet that works for me and it has developed into this wonderful coping mechanism for life. What most normal people get from cocaine or alcohol addictions, but with way less gnarly side effects.

But I digress...actually, I'm kinda famous for that, I am going to miss my friend Peter a whole bunch. He has been a constant source of musical inspiration pushing me in new directions as well as a good friend, a great DJ, and an even better father. He and his wife Robyn have moved from strength to strength in life and really became a part of the local community that will be sorely missed by a lot more people than me. For me, Peter and the DiFalco clan will always represent a magical moment in my life when some cool people from many different places decided to call the 530 area code home and for quite a few years we had a lot of fucking fun (My friend Stephen says I need to swear more in my posts, how'm I doin'?). Almost all of those people are gone now for a variety of reasons and all that are left are some great memories I will cherish forever, we have all moved on to new adventures. It's part of getting old.

Farewell, Peter. This mix is for you. Thank you for the generosity of having me on your radio show Eccentric Groove so many times. It was an honor and privilege.

PS - There's a part 2 to this mix, a back to mine endeavor, coming next week....


STREAM CONDUIT 07 - Are We Here?


Haiteku - Samhain (Blaq)
Namito & Stevie R - Black Oasis (Jay Tripwire Remix) (Inside Out)
Oliver Schories - Artik (Atapy Edition) (Chapter 24)
Fables - Burn (Ellora)
Fiona Beeson - Drift (Beesound Recordings)
Deep'a & Biri - Three Forms of Sadness (Transmat)
Kevin Over - Dighaus (Nofitstate)
Miguel Migs feat Lisa Shaw - Waterfall (Deluxe Deep Dub) (Salted Music)
Joseph Rawness - After Midnight (Pantamuzik)
H.O.S.H. - Aire (My Favorite Robot)
Human Machine - Janus (Connaisseur Recordings)
Jepe - Space Diving (BioLab)
DkA - Smoke & Whiskey (Daso Remix) (Play Label)
Lockyear - Katabatic Wind (OTB)
DJ Emerson - Red Dirt (Nonlinear Systems)
Miro Pajic - See The Stars (Lazerslut Recordings)
Erik Flash - Space Funk 9 (Cab Remix) (Parity)
Kevin Over - Got Dub (Nofitstate)
Humboldt - Manen (Ove)
Jeromy Nail - Farewell Dialogue (Jay Tripwire dub) (Innerflight Music)
HNQO - The Clapper (Playperview)
Archie Hamilton - Channelled (Fuse)
The Black 80s - For The Rest (Carlos Sanchez remix) (Freerange)
Savas Pascalidis - Reflection (Be As One)
Terry Farley - Die 4 U (Severino & Nico de Ceglia remix) (Bonanza)
Black Merlin - Resistance (Omnidisc)
Paul Leath - The Force (Friction Recordings)
Developer - Ascender Calling (Modularz)
GoldFFinch - Are We Here (Valence)
Antrim - Thoughts of Flight (Dale Middleton Remix) (We Are Here Music)
Nick Galemore - Repeated Voids (Kindisch)
Tone of Arc - Funtel (My Favorite Robot)
Fables - Endless Bliss (Ellora)


Forever Changes

Men don't admit to be lonely, especially married, middle aged ones. But honestly, I can't remember a time when I didn't feel lonely. My ability to make deep, meaningful connections has never been the problem, it's the work that it takes to keep one going that eludes me. I have always filled that social development time with primarily solitary activities - as a young child it was reading, later it was music, and when my hormones kicked in it was punk rock, which was still very much a real thing, even in the small college town I grew up in. Nowadays, it's just music in general and frankly it feels like an addiction at this point in my life. I use a DJ set, playlist creation, or album listen as an opportunity for that perfect escape like the way a junkie checks out for an hour or so on a good batch of dope. It's clearly antisocial behavior as it detaches me from reality for long periods of time and it makes me feel mentally unhealthy. The time to build a loving marriage and a network of close friends is ridiculously small and yet I am bitter about my isolation, lashing out at those closest to me and generally cynical and dour amongst friends and well-wishers. I had never considered my overall bitterness about the friendship predicament loop I seem to be stuck in until I very recently watched the film Don Jon, by no means a great film, but still an interesting enough missive on those men out there who struggle with unusual addictions, which naturally are covers for much deeper issues, but they are addictions in that people don't mean to do them and feel miserable and trapped by their behavior. Worse yet, most feel like they cannot talk about these issues with friends or family in the fear of being found out or shamed, This is my attempt to talk about my struggle, to name the shame.

Most people would find a so-called addiction to music as laughable and I'm not saying that my consumption of media by volume or bank account status is alarming or that I am some sort of weird hoarder that needs an immediate intervention for safety reasons. I definitely live within my means. The issue at hand is the hours I spend researching, reading, downloading, cataloging, and critiquing. I am not living withing my means here. I have definitely drifted into the realm of pure escapism at the expense of the rest of my life. I spent most of my life, even before I was an adult, pursuing music. I  had my share of successes and failures over the years before ultimately failing while bringing my wife & I to the edge of financial ruin in the process. I know everyone has their story about 2008-2009 but that was mine and it was painful. I no longer have the guts or financial resources to keep myself afloat in some sort of musical aspect and at my age I know I would no longer be happy about. Instead, I retreat to my office and listen to music for as much time as possible even putting real life on hold to work around my irrational desire. I feel trapped and isolated.

Not that long ago, I made the decision to change careers. The money and opportunities have been great but dealing with corporate politics and co-workers has been difficult and taken a toll on me emotionally. I definitely want to hang out with people much, much less and simply retreat to a peaceful zone to escape the more I work. Will it be Dance Spirit, the Saints, or Fats Domino today? What about tomorrow? it goes on and on and one. That's not to say a deep, headphone immersion isn't always a bad thing...I've had experiences with the first two Seeds albums and the third Brian Jonestown Massacre album that won't easily be forgotten even in another 20 years. The act itself is benign, it's the meaning and the time spent that are malignant. The question is, how do I stop retreating and rejoin life again?

Lately, I have been stuck on the third album by L.A. band Love. The album is called Forever Changes, it's a classic, google it if you think I'm lying. I gave always loved the energy, the flowery arrangements, and frontman Arthur Lee's Syd Barrett-esque worldview. I've been listening to the same 50 year old album for at least the last 25 thinking these very things since we discovered a beat-up copy of it in my friend's mother's record collection as kids and made the fateful decision to let the needle drop. What started as an opportunity to laugh at a parent's tastes turned out to be a life changing moment,. Minds were blown, fates were cast to the wind, it was epic. Certain assumptions were made and carried forward until they became a part of me. But listening again with fresh ears 26 years later has been another life changing moment with Forever Changes. Arthur isn't as hippie dippie as I once thought, he spends a lot of time talking about isolation, bitterness, and cynicism on the album. I am brought to my knees by this line in particular:

And when you've given all you had/And everything still turns out/Bad, and all your secrets are your own

The name of the song is "Andmoreagain", the only song on the album that the Wrecking Crew played on - Don Randi on piano and Carol Kaye on bass. It has the same effect on me musically as "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)" from Pet Sounds does. Like drugs and alcohol for most people, the song transports me to another plane of existence. At this level, Arthur is speaking directly to me in a way my 17 year old ears could never have heard, as a fully grown man taking stock of his life and finding himself awfully lonely.


BACK TO MINE Vol. 4 - The Black Arts

I am supposed to be working on my podcast series, the CONDUIT, but honestly, I've been getting sidetracked by my rediscovered love of chillout music. In that spirit, here's the latest in my tribute to the seminal DMC series, Back to Mine. I named this iteration after the Stereolab song, "The Black Arts" which closes this mix. There's a mix of old and new stuff here. Electronic, dub, and weird shit, too. I was really dabbling in the black arts with this collection, specially Omar-S and those damn bongos. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love flanged bongos? The mix was inspired by days as a teenager spent listening to The Marble Index in my headphones and marveling it's starkness and icy, Teutonic minimalism. It really spoke to me, mainly saying, "Everyone loves to dabble in the black arts, even you."

I'm setting up an alter
and yes, I snipped your curls
I'm practicing voodoo
in the bedroom on you girl,
Oh my, you're mine, I'm King St. John Divine
Jeffrey Lee Pierce

01 Beat.Imprint - 5.31RSK
02 Bjork - An Echo, A Stain
03 Craig Bratley - Analogue Dreams
04 Death in Vegas - Help Yourself feat Hope Sandoval
05 Popol Vuh - Aguirre I Lacrime di Rei
06 Spirit - Girl In Your Eye
07 Jorge Ben/Trio Mocotó - Oba la Vem Ela
08 Harold Budd -  Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim
09 Mr Raoul K - Break Your Chains And Return To Botswana
10 Nico - Janitor of Lunacy
11 Omar-S - Ah' Revolution (Poli Grip For Partials Nik Mix)
12 Ekstendia - Salvia
13 Sly & Robbie - Computer Malfunction
14 Sinner DC - LOS
15 Sinner DC - MEG
16 Valentin Stip - Aletheia
17 Linval Thompson - Lion Dub
18 XTC - The Somnabulist
19 Scott Walker - 30 Century Man
20 Stereolab - The Black Arts


CONDUIT 06 Mix - Total Control

CONDUIT 06 Mix - Total Control
by Sean-Michael Yoder

I was listening to an early demo tape of the MOR act the Motels, the song "Total Control" came on the cassette player and I was struck by the following lyrics, which went on to inspire this mix:

Steadfast collapse
Always certain any moment
Maybe you, maybe you
Maybe even you
Recline complete, dream too sweet
I can't do it, not with you
Not even with you
Maybe never with you

I'm not making any statements here because I just play the records. While that may seem solipsistic and misguided to some, that's what works for me...total control...

DOWNLOAD CONDUIT 06 - Total Control

STREAM CONDUIT 06 - Total Control


El Choop - Unknown Landscape (Etui)
Hydergine - Blue State of Mind (Etui)
Saag vs Nibc - Sleepless in Zimbabwe (Man Power Remix) (Trunkfunk)
Kevin Over - Past Hype (Noir Music)
Von Party & Dreems - Wet Raga (Multi Culti)
Basti Grub - Tingog (Digital Traffik)
Camille Rodriguez - Andulsian 2.0 (Kaine Remix)(Btrax)
DkA - Smoke & Whiskey (Play Label)
Denite - Now & Never (With Compliments)
Miguel Migs - Body Moves (Salty Club Rub) (Salted Music)
Tokita - Broken Road (Giom Remix) (Viva Recordings)
Hamza - Lantern (Wind Horse)
Sepalcure - Dub of (Appleblim Remix) (Hotflush Recordings)
Cubenx - Our Fire (Danton Eeprom Rework) (Infine Music)
Sasse - Ani (Dub Mix) (My Favorite Robot)
Simina Grigoriu - Ninja Princess (Alfred Heinrichs Remix) (Kuukou)
40 Thieves feat. Nina Lares - Take Me I'm Yours (Praus Mix) (Roam Recordings)
Landsky & Resmann - Fred The Ball feat. Jonny Cruz (Marco Resmann Remix) (Upon You)
Rodriguez Jr. - Petropolis (Mobilee)
Julie Marghilano - Cosmic Karma (Fred P Reshape) (Sol Asylum)
Qindek - Drums Through Time (Snejl Black)
Federico Molinari - Congo Toys (Apollonia)
Abby - Halo (Thyladomid Remix) (2DIY4)
Bellville - Halong Bay (Rene Bourgeois Remix) (Incoyable Music)
Deep'a & Biri - Ritual (Transmat)
Aki Bergen & Richter - X-Change (Neurotraxx Recordings)
Jana Falcon - Petria's House (Obsession Dub) (Smile For A While)
DJ Ground - Dolmenzoo (Multi Culti)


BACK TO MINE - A Three Part, Themed Mixtape

Somewhere back in 2015, I got this idea to riff off of the old Back to Mine DJ mix series concept from about 10-15 years ago and make a post-weekend-coming-down-back-at-the pad kinda mix for my wife on her birthday. Being something of a record obsessive, it had to have a theme, and what better theme for your wife on her birthday than love? That was the theme and I decided to run with it and continue on to make two more themed remixes riffing off the first mix. What comes after love? Sex. And that is what part two is all about. Part two followed relatively quickly on the heels of part one and by 2015, I thought there might still be a mixtape trilogy left in me. But I just wasn't feeling it and 2015 became 2016 and it looked there were only going to be two mixes as I kicked around ideas about that third primal, human experience. Unfortunately, in the middle of all of that floundering came the death of my father earlier this year and that was a pretty sobering life event. On the positive side, it also shook out the final part of my epic trilogy...death. Love, sex, and death...it doesn't get any more primal than that.

I listened to three mixes together for weeks on end to help elevate me through my grief. I found the themes and how they were interwoven through the trio of mixes comforting. Outside of the birthday gift mix for my wife, I sat on these mixes until June, carefully guarding them, and not allowing anyone else to listen to them. I relinquishedmy self-imposed lock upon the mixes, sharing them with my wife and best friend as a sort of Heart of Darkness soundtrack as we found ourselves traveling so far off the beaten path this summer that people were amazed when we stumbled upon them. The back roads turned to dust and disintegrated somewhere on the leeward shoulder of Mt. Solomon on the solstice and in that deep woods catharsis these songs really came to life. In that, I found the strength to finally share the only work that has ever taken me multiple years to finish with the audience I had originally intended it for...the world. As always, enjoy!

PT. 1 - Love
David Bowie
- Warszawa
Nick Drake - Northern Sky
Brian Eno - On Some Faraway Beach
Dillard Chandler - I Wish My Baby Was Born
Flying Burrito Brothers - Farther Along
Everly Brothers - Rose Connelly
Paige Anderson & the Fearless Kin - Where Did You Go?
Rolling Stones - No Expectations
Bobby Womack - Ruby Dean
Mavis - What You Looking For feat John Turrell
Thievery Corporation - Wires & Watchtowers feat Sista Pat
Starseeds - Timequakes
From Leaf to Feather - Albeit
Skip Spence - Cripple Creek
Pogues - Dirty Old Town
Merle Travis - Dark as a Dungeon
Hank Williams - Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Peña - Huero Viejo
Davy Graham - Maajun (A Taste of Tangiers)

PT. 2 - Sex
- Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix)
Suba - Tantos Desejos
Chopstick & Johnjon - Pining Moon (Acoustic Version)
Opal - Indian Summer
Plugz - Blue Sofa
Irma Thomas - Wish Someone Would Care
Lisa Shaw - Can You See Him
Bavaria - Never
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Suzanne
Gun Club - Secret Fires
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - For the Rest of Your Life
Tracey Thorn - It's All True (Martin Buttrich Remix)
Dance Spirit - Undressed feat Shawni
Nina Simone - Suzanne (Alternative Version)
Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches

PT. 3 - Death
Iris DeMent - Let the Mystery Be
Townes Van Zandt - To Live is To Fly
Hank Williams - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive
X - Come Back To Me
Ice Cube - Dead Homiez
Rolling Stones - You Gotta Move
Robert Johnson - Hellhound on My Trail
Lou Reed - Cremation
Beach Boys - Til I Die
Mazzy Star - Into Dust
Spacemen 3 - Lord Can You Hear Me?
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Death is Not the End
Doors - The End
Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
Hüsker Dü - Pink Turns to Blue
Gang Starr - In Memory Of...
Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
Notorious B.I.G. - You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)


New mixes, charts, and what's next

It's been a long, busy summer. I can finally stop long enough to catch my breath and get ready for winter.

This past August 20th, I was invited back for my friend Logan 5's bi-weekly radio show Eccentric Groove on Chico's own community radio station KZFR. I had an opportunity to make a dark, grimy mix mostly at the urging of my wife and best friend so I took advantage of that and created what I consider the darkest, most underground mix I've ever done. We all had a blast that night enjoying the fine weather and good company. Below is a link to the mix, which I recorded prior to the show. Unfortunately, you had to be there to catch the witty banter and public service announcements live in the studio. If you didn't, there's always next year...
John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13 - Main Title
Camille Rodriguez - Andalusian 2.0 (Traumer Remix) (BTRAX Records)
Nastia Reigel - Figures in Brine (Credo)
Jamaica Suk - Holographic (L.A.G.)
Lucy & Ercolino - Gmork (Luke Slater Remix)(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Alderaan & Mental Resonance - Man From Earth 1 (MindTrip Music)
Shlomi Aber - Warfare (Be As One)
NIBC - Love Lesson (Tuff City Kids Remix)(Trunkfunk)
Frankyeffe - Pure Feline Soul (Riot Recordings)
Farceb - Signals From Space (MindTrip Music)
Claudia Cazacu - Infinity (Tom Hades Remix)(Gate Null Recordings)
Insolate - Deep In The Shades (Out of Place)
Max Durante - Tension on Rigaer Strasse (Sonic Groove)
Max Durante - Human Rage (Sonic Groove)
Thomas Delecroix -  ARV Flux Liner  (Rive Droite)
Josh Wink – Denial (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)(Ovum Recordings)
Rob Hes - Raised By Another (Tronic)
DJ Bone - Black Patterns (Subject Detroit)
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Raiz Remix)
Alex Bau - Organic Deformation of Oz (Developer Remix)(Credo)
Echoplex - 2ndndary Forcefield (Chronicle)
Farceb - Exoplanet War (MindTrip Music)
GoldFFinch - Tactical (Valence)
Gennaro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston - Sword Lead (Yellow Tail)
Max Durante - The Resistance (Sonic Groove)
HBNG - Sudden Death (Tanstaafl)
Insolate - Renew (Out of Place)
Randomdisco - Eden Prime (Tribal Waves)
Jamaica Suk - Kontort  (L.A.G.)
Jamaica Suk - Depth Between Waves  (L.A.G.)
Fluxion - Subliminal Tone (Subwax Bcn)
Suicide - Dream Baby Dream
On September 12th, I had the pleasure of doing a mix for my old friend Adi Dumitra's radio show Conversions on Frisky Radio. This was kind of a big deal and I really labored over the mix before coming up with, again at the urging of my wife and best friend, the concept of uptempo but instead of the dark grooves of the August mix something a little more soulful. I was most pleased that I was able to slip in an unreleased track from Dumitra into the mix that I have been sitting on for several years because vinyl junkies NEVER throw anything away that could possibly be used at a later date. This one has been archived so you can go back and enjoy the memories plus dig on an additional hour of great music from the Conversions boss himself. Good times!

Conversions mix
Deep'a & Biri - Days (Transmat)
Soulspace - C'est La Vie (Audio Units Remix)(Wind Horse)
Savvas K & David Brilli - Monrovia (Exotic Refreshment)
Frankyeffe - Dragonfly Flying (Clint Stewart remix)(Riot)
Anderson - Drum Cycle (Kult
Anna - Redemption (Terminal M
2030 - In Aeternum (Luke Hess Remix)(Black Crow)
Smash TV - Vespertine (My Favorite Robot)
Kevin Over - Shady (Mobilee
DJ Duke pres The Pleasure Dome - 7 Minutes of Wild Techfunk (Minneapolis Exchange
Gennaro Mastrantonio & Billy Johnston - Basement Noise (Jay Denham Remix)(Yellow Tail
Stacey Pullen - ROK (Blackflag Recordings
Karl Malone - Bitzen (Bassment Tapes)
Adi Dumitra & Toygun - Desen Technic 
Max Cooper - Sea of Sound (Ambient Rework)(Traum)

Here are my September DJ charts:

Next up for me is the sixth installment of the Conduit podcast for October/November...a two hour monster I am the process of compiling this week so I can record it while I am on the road. I am planning to pro it up a bit and syndicate it to ride the momentum of my current DJ work. On top of that, I am ironing out the kinks in terms of presenting short video interviews and tutorials on the blog and should be launching that portion at the beginning of 2017. Looking forward to it and, again, thanks for all of your support. Enjoy the music...always.


THE SUN AIN'T GONNA SHINE ANYMORE: In The Sun I Feel As One or... Scott Walker Forever

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6334953
The Walker Brothers were a curious lot, a trio of Americans persuaded by head Stone Brian Jones to move to the UK during the height of Swingin' London. Another American would arrive a year later  There were no siblings to speak of in this band, something the Ramones made note of when they adopted the same surname sometime in the early Seventies. They were instead named after a car dealership deep in the loins of Porn Valley aka Van Nuys, CA. That L.A. touch, not to mention Gary Walker, nee Leeds was a founding member of the Standells, always made the group stand out on the radio as a kid. Back when I was young, AM radio was a real thing and you could get killer stations from all over the country at night or while driving in the car across town. My earliest memories of music weren't the ones being codified as dinosaur rock as I was literally coming up, I guess shirtless wailings not performed by Iggy were never my thing. What I remember was American Top 40 mid Seventies style - a mix of treacly crap, oldies - mostly the Stones and the Beatles, the nascent disco thang, and Sunday night mysteries. Yeah, you could still listen to dramas on the AM as late as the mid-Seventies. That was the kind of time it was, kinda recovering from the sonic boom that was the Sixties and ready to get on some sort of drugs in the Eighties - prescription or otherwise - over the counter culture was what my friend used to call it. Out of all those shitty AM radio tunes, in floats "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" like a ghost ship with Scott crooning the lyrics that complete sold me on the concept of sex, drugs, and rock & roll as a noble pursuit even at the tender age of four. 

Loneliness, a cloak you wear
A deep shade of blue
Is always there

I thought it was odd as a young 'un that Scott Walker would personify loneliness lyrically. Now, as a middle aged man, I feel like he's speaking directly to me. Maybe that goes a long way in explaining why I love Scott's music so much, it evolves. The song itself would be a typical American single produced by Phil Spector or any of his contemporaries and played by the Wrecking Crew if it was for the fact that it was recorded in London for Philips with the same team who made Dusty Springfield a huge star, mainly by aping the Wall of Sound style by rote. Written by Four Seasons' alums Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio, it was intended to be a solo single for Frankie Valli in '65 but saw no chart action.  '66 saw the Walkers pick up the tune and take it to #1 in the UK and a top 20 hit in the US. Their version was a refreshing change of pace from the Motown and Chess obsessed purism of the top dogs in the British Invasion scene. Granted, the 'Bros. weren't exactly a top dog and often veered well into the territory of Neil Diamond and the dreaded Humperdinck comma Engelbert. Personally, I prefer to think of the gloss and shine as a taste for fine cabaret pop ala Jacques Brel, specifically "My Death",  but that kind of music so often that just turns to a whole bunch of fat Elvis schmaltz that doesn't age well with time.

These guys were a singles band all the way in that respect, but unlike their American brethren who had Hal Blaine and Carol Kaye at their disposal, that's the band really playing. Heavily arranged by Ivor Raymonde, of course, but check out their live performance of "No Regrets" on Youtube to see these guys were all good enough to be top session men. The song has a deep, melancholic feel that only the best records on Phillies hinted at and took the teen drama portion of rock music to a whole new level whose ante would be upped in the coming years in Swingin' London. But for a brief, shining moment the Walker Brothers were the best there ever was and it was grand when I was age four hearing it for the first time on the car radio; even more so now because the lyrics are so obviously about depression. Interestingly, Crewe and Gaudio never had that intention in mind when they wrote the tune for Frankie, who over-emotes the hell out of it, as is his wont. Hearing the original, it is no wonder it never broke the Billboard Top 100, it is that same kind of typical Broadway schmaltz shit I alluded to above, which is just one small step above that hellhole known as Wayne Newton. The Walkers' version represents a major leap forward eleevating the whole thing to high art with Scott's daring reading that changes the song into an anthem for anyone who has ever struggled with serious, long term depression. That is why the song speaks to me, Scott shows tremendous courage in trying to articulate the ephemeral nature of mental wellness and the ache of a broken heart that can never be mended.
'The thoughts we used to share I now keep alone'

No comment...

Loneliness, a cloak you wear
A deep shade of blue
Is always there

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky
The tears are always clouding your eyes
When you're without love, baby

Emptiness is a place you're in
With nothing to lose
But no more to win

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky
The tears are always clouding your eyes
When you're without love

Lonely, without you baby
Girl I need you
I can't go on

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
(The sun ain't gonna shine anymore)
The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky
(The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky)
The tears are always clouding your eyes
(The tears are always clouding your eyes)
The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
When you're without love, baby


CONDUIT 05 Mix - Buddha of Suburbia

CONDUIT 05 Mix - Buddha of Suburbia
by Sean-Michael Yoder

2016 has been so challenging, starting with David Bowie's death and culminating in the passing of my father this Spring. The emotional ride has been wild, to say the least. But music has always been a great source of comfort for me. I turn to music the way most people turn to drugs & alcohol. To say I'm obesessive about it would be an understatement. On a more positive note,  I've been playing out more frequently (not bad for being "retired", supposedly) so these tracks are very much road tested... to great response - btw. I also really wanted to give a big thanks back with this mix to all of my fans, allies, and supporters around the world. It means a great deal to me to be able to share such amazing new music with you.

DOWNLOAD CONDUIT 05 - Buddha of Suburbia


David Bowie - Untitled No. 1 (Virgin)
Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart [The Reflex Revision] (white)
The Black 80s - For The Rest (Freerange)
Shit Robot - End of the Trail feat Alexis Taylor (DFA)
Shit Robot - End of the Trail feat Alexis Taylor (Roman Fluegel Remix)(DFA)
thatmanmonkz - Turn It Out ft. Dave Aju (Dave Aju remix) (Delusions of Grandeur)
Terr - Metropolis (Hotflush)
Shit Robot - Lose Control ft Nancy Whang (DFA)
Madonna - Justify My Love (Lee Van Dowski Edit) (white)
Kevin Over - Ode (Truesoul)
Ost & Kjex - Queen of Europe feat Anne (Solomun Remix) (Diynamic)
Kevin Over - Duster (Truesoul)
Jay Shepheard & Kito Jempere - Deben Tide (Retrofit)
Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel - Walk Myself (Broque)
Martin Eyerer feat Abby - Turn Turn Turn (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) (Kling Klong)
Karim Sahraoui - Prelude (Transmat)
Denite - Morning (Redlight Music)
Pellon - Feeling Out Of Control  (Parallel Label)
WonderNature - Take My Love (Sweetwax Recordings)
Lisa Shaw - I Can See It (Miguel Migs Dub Deluxe)(Salted Music)
Jori Hulkkonen - Black Books (Jori Hulkkonen Club Dub) (My Favorite Robot)
Duckhunter - Oasis (Quanticman)
One Less of Them - Solace (Substation Recordings)
WonderNature - Party Lights (Elomak Remix)(Sweetwax Recordings)
Big Strick - Dirty Burner (7 Days Ent)
Lady Maru - Dub Stop (Semplice)
Doctor Dru - Proper Lane (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)(Jeudi)


CONDUIT 04 Mix - Body Heat

CONDUIT 04 Mix - Body Heat
by Sean-Michael Yoder
2016 is off and running, weeks into the second quarter of it at last check. I have been active in that time as a DJ - sifting through tracks, listening to mixes, and investigating full lengths at a furious pace. I hope to be more active on the DJ mix front in 2016 and kick the CONDUIT 2016 series off with Body Heat - a journey into the earlier realms of the night out experience. It was a nice challenge to pick tracks for a 10PM set rather than a 2 or even 5AM one and still come up with something meaningful and moving.



TRACKLISTING:Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly International)
Smog - Salamandre (Blaq)
Fiona Beeson - Drift (Caesar Caballero Remix) (Beesound Recordings)
DJ Onionz - Space Slave (Pezzner Remix 2) (Uniting Souls Music)
Jonra & E-Machinery - Bodys In Motion (Jay Tripwire Remix) (Superfreq Recordings)
Tim Susa - House of Lazy People (Broque)
K-Ten - Forget The Past (Rene Breitbarth Remix) (Buena Onda)
Azimute - Laterra (Serialism)
Jepe - XTC (Perce)
Yougene - Spazio Scuro (Ghosthall)
Fred P - Wave Patterns (Rex Club Music)
Nadja Lind & Brendon Moeller - Saharan Night (Trinity Remix) (Lucidflow)
Mark Evemport - Sedih (Sticky.Music)
Donor - Counter (Kangding Ray Remix) (Prosthetic Pressings)
Sky Deep - Thinking of You (Reveller)
Desta - Rolling (Kling Klong)
Hollen - Pistones (Terminal M)
Naufer  - Arnkhaar (Nosso)
Aggborough - Modal (OTB)
Tolga Fidan - Fra-B-C (Bass Cadet)
Bellville - Hanoi (Sasse Remix) (Incroyable Music)
Stekke - TLP (Olga)
Donor - Fault Is Found (Takaaki Itoh Remix)  (Prosthetic Pressings)
Florian Kruse - Broken Mirror ft. Hendrik Burkhard (Jeudi)
DEAS - Space
Darlyn Vlys - Butterfly (My Favorite Robot)
Rick Wade - Funkopolis (Emotion's One Take Jam Edit) (RYMD)
Danny Oliveira - Faraya (Uphill Mix) (Aequivalenz Recordings)
Leach & Lezizmo ft Heleen - Body Heat (Lars Behrenroth Remix) (Muzik & Friendz)