BACK TO MINE Vol. 4 - The Black Arts

I am supposed to be working on my podcast series, the CONDUIT, but honestly, I've been getting sidetracked by my rediscovered love of chillout music. In that spirit, here's the latest in my tribute to the seminal DMC series, Back to Mine. I named this iteration after the Stereolab song, "The Black Arts" which closes this mix. There's a mix of old and new stuff here. Electronic, dub, and weird shit, too. I was really dabbling in the black arts with this collection, specially Omar-S and those damn bongos. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love flanged bongos? The mix was inspired by days as a teenager spent listening to The Marble Index in my headphones and marveling it's starkness and icy, Teutonic minimalism. It really spoke to me, mainly saying, "Everyone loves to dabble in the black arts, even you."

I'm setting up an alter
and yes, I snipped your curls
I'm practicing voodoo
in the bedroom on you girl,
Oh my, you're mine, I'm King St. John Divine
Jeffrey Lee Pierce

01 Beat.Imprint - 5.31RSK
02 Bjork - An Echo, A Stain
03 Craig Bratley - Analogue Dreams
04 Death in Vegas - Help Yourself feat Hope Sandoval
05 Popol Vuh - Aguirre I Lacrime di Rei
06 Spirit - Girl In Your Eye
07 Jorge Ben/Trio Mocotó - Oba la Vem Ela
08 Harold Budd -  Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim
09 Mr Raoul K - Break Your Chains And Return To Botswana
10 Nico - Janitor of Lunacy
11 Omar-S - Ah' Revolution (Poli Grip For Partials Nik Mix)
12 Ekstendia - Salvia
13 Sly & Robbie - Computer Malfunction
14 Sinner DC - LOS
15 Sinner DC - MEG
16 Valentin Stip - Aletheia
17 Linval Thompson - Lion Dub
18 XTC - The Somnabulist
19 Scott Walker - 30 Century Man
20 Stereolab - The Black Arts

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