CONDUIT 07 Mix - Are We Here?

CONDUIT 07 Mix - Are We Here?
by Sean-Michael Yoder

Saying goodbye is never easy and I've never been that good at it either. I've done a lot of it so I figured at some point it would get easier or I'd improve but neither has happened to date. A recent case in point was the farewell bash thrown by my good friends the DiFalcos to send them off to new opportunities and adventures in Colorado. I can't imagine a better set of circumstances for them in their new life but I've found saying goodbye particularly tough. I often struggle communicating directly feelings like goodbye but I am good at expressing my emotions through music and words, especially conveying the more difficult ones.  This ability to derive catharsis tangentially rather than directly has been a mixed blessing, I never get to say what I'd really like to in my heart but I have found an outlet that works for me and it has developed into this wonderful coping mechanism for life. What most normal people get from cocaine or alcohol addictions, but with way less gnarly side effects.

But I digress...actually, I'm kinda famous for that, I am going to miss my friend Peter a whole bunch. He has been a constant source of musical inspiration pushing me in new directions as well as a good friend, a great DJ, and an even better father. He and his wife Robyn have moved from strength to strength in life and really became a part of the local community that will be sorely missed by a lot more people than me. For me, Peter and the DiFalco clan will always represent a magical moment in my life when some cool people from many different places decided to call the 530 area code home and for quite a few years we had a lot of fucking fun (My friend Stephen says I need to swear more in my posts, how'm I doin'?). Almost all of those people are gone now for a variety of reasons and all that are left are some great memories I will cherish forever, we have all moved on to new adventures. It's part of getting old.

Farewell, Peter. This mix is for you. Thank you for the generosity of having me on your radio show Eccentric Groove so many times. It was an honor and privilege.

PS - There's a part 2 to this mix, a back to mine endeavor, coming next week....


STREAM CONDUIT 07 - Are We Here?


Haiteku - Samhain (Blaq)
Namito & Stevie R - Black Oasis (Jay Tripwire Remix) (Inside Out)
Oliver Schories - Artik (Atapy Edition) (Chapter 24)
Fables - Burn (Ellora)
Fiona Beeson - Drift (Beesound Recordings)
Deep'a & Biri - Three Forms of Sadness (Transmat)
Kevin Over - Dighaus (Nofitstate)
Miguel Migs feat Lisa Shaw - Waterfall (Deluxe Deep Dub) (Salted Music)
Joseph Rawness - After Midnight (Pantamuzik)
H.O.S.H. - Aire (My Favorite Robot)
Human Machine - Janus (Connaisseur Recordings)
Jepe - Space Diving (BioLab)
DkA - Smoke & Whiskey (Daso Remix) (Play Label)
Lockyear - Katabatic Wind (OTB)
DJ Emerson - Red Dirt (Nonlinear Systems)
Miro Pajic - See The Stars (Lazerslut Recordings)
Erik Flash - Space Funk 9 (Cab Remix) (Parity)
Kevin Over - Got Dub (Nofitstate)
Humboldt - Manen (Ove)
Jeromy Nail - Farewell Dialogue (Jay Tripwire dub) (Innerflight Music)
HNQO - The Clapper (Playperview)
Archie Hamilton - Channelled (Fuse)
The Black 80s - For The Rest (Carlos Sanchez remix) (Freerange)
Savas Pascalidis - Reflection (Be As One)
Terry Farley - Die 4 U (Severino & Nico de Ceglia remix) (Bonanza)
Black Merlin - Resistance (Omnidisc)
Paul Leath - The Force (Friction Recordings)
Developer - Ascender Calling (Modularz)
GoldFFinch - Are We Here (Valence)
Antrim - Thoughts of Flight (Dale Middleton Remix) (We Are Here Music)
Nick Galemore - Repeated Voids (Kindisch)
Tone of Arc - Funtel (My Favorite Robot)
Fables - Endless Bliss (Ellora)

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