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Now I am all down for new promos as much as the next guy but how how often do i get a track that is relevant to me when I DJ? Like never. That's why I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a new label outta Brooklyn. Yeah, that's right I said it, an American label. And a damn good one, well maybe not good yet-they only have one release out-but the Ransom Note imprint has the makings of a good one. The label's founder Francis Harris is an up-and-coming DJ going by the moniker of Adultnapper and is definitely one of those smarty pants dudes that drives you crazy with all of his "cleverness". His press release describes the new label as -get this-

"a concept label which, through music, text and imagery, will tell the story of the Adultnapper character, an anti-hero who is part creative genius gone awry, part tortured dystopic philospher, part paranoid vigilante outlaw… and part Harris himself."

Huh? This ain't Pink Floyd (or worse-The Alan Parsons Project) at the Laserium, dude. So after all that mumbo jumbo how's the actual release?
Well here's the rundown:

Ransom Note Part One
Catalog No. rnpt01
A. Adultnapper “Maxwell’s Demon” (original)
Deep, dark, and much more melodic than any sort of normal tech house/minimal track. Long, breathy ambient passages replace typical breakdowns that giveway to robotic Berlin techno that reminded of Croatian men fresh off the assembly line blowing kisses at me the time I saw Jay Denham in Bucharest. I still shudder when I think about that. Detroit ain't got nothin on that kinda Eastern European grime and "Maxwell's Demon" captures that evil sensation perfectly with some serious angst-ridden moodiness .

B. Adultnapper “Maxwell’s Demon” (Alexi Delano Remix)
Delano's remix is sure to end up on a Fabric mix sometime in the not too distant, it's that good. Tough and dark with out being too proggy or minimal (read: not danceable). Reminds me of the great tech house music that used to come out of the Midwest from cats like Carl Craig and Woody McBride with lots of bleeps and acid. Whatever happened to music like that, we could sure use a lot more of it please? This remix seeks to even out this glaring imbalance.

#2 drops in September, can't wait.....

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