Latest mix from Lillyanne...playing @ Future/Now on October 26th!

future/now is happy to bring you lillyanne's newest mix. she runs a record label with her husband (headinghome recordings), makes her own productions and has been doing futurehouse nights in LA for the past 11 years. as well as being a super sweet gal, she lays down a seriously deep and dubby techno groove. lillyanne will be playing at future/now on october 26th at lost on main in chico, ca.

Lillyanne - Dime Porque
(LA - Heading Home Recordings, Future House)
74 minutes - 128kbps mp3


1. Lazy Fat People: T.V. 20: Ehs Wagon
2. Triton: Dub Hustler: Skor Records
3. Dubloner; A Loners Away: Headinghome Recordings
4. Makossa & Megablast: Galaxy 82: G-Stone Records
5. Force of Nature: Afroshock (Broken Rule Remix): Headinghome
6. unknown
7. Amé: Rej: Sonar Kollectiv
8. unknown
9. Derrick L Carter vs Freaks: Legacy (FreaksNewSchool Ode): Wash House
10. 2020 Sound System: Tape (Prins Thomas Disko-Teks miks): 2020 Vision
11. Muallem: Shanti Dance" (feat The Droids - Glimmer's acid dub): Compost
12. Makossa & Megablast: Porque: G-Stone Records
13. Mark E: Beat Down: Running Back
14. Rekid: III Discotto: Classic
15. The Supermen Lovers: Material Disco EP: Lafesse
15. Max 404: The Filth of July: Eskimo

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