This week's top 5, Pt. I

DJ Pas-Sean-Reunion 5/6/07
Another great mix CD from the venerable house DJ Pas-Sean, his first without a proper cover. While this is probably more of an intimate mix for friends I figured I had to share because it's a damn good mix of tracks. Opening with a hand-stitched re-edit of an obscure 70s Hawaiian jam the mix quickly moves into Pas-Sean's classic territory of smooth Masters At Work style R&B jams to get folks moving in a hurry. I gotta admit I could've done without the Kaskade and JT cuts in the middle of the mix when he gets all clubby but the last six cuts on the mix are so solid that Pas-Sean is absolved of any potential wrong doing. Excellent dark and stompy vocal material ala Dennis Ferrer. If you ain't got your groove on by the time "Rise Up" drops then there might be something seriously wrong with you. Why are you even reading this blog???

Jørgensen-Untitled single (Toolroom)(UK)
Probably one of my favorite singles from the summer on one of my consistently favorite imprints-Toolroom Records-straight outta Kent. The a-side from new producer Jørgensen didn't do much for me, boring proggy play-it-safe crapola for dudes like Roger Sanchez to play when they are getting edgy. The up & coming Toronto producer deadmau5 gets in on the action radically reworking the tracking into a pumping electro house cut in the style typical of the label. Kiwi Greg Churchill turns in the best version of the track with a Dirtybird style rolling bassline that gives it a sick and dirty groove all throughout. Dancefloors will swoon.

Shakes-Sister Self Doubt EP (IAMSOUND)(US)
An awfully inspired dance punk EP from the Isle of Wight duo of Matt & Darren Farrow. This track was included on Luke Slater's recent Fabric mix and was at the top of the heap in terms of high quality dance punk, the sound that has dominated much of what has been club chic during the first half of 2007. The alternate version of the track is a little less guitar fueled and angst buzzed opting for more of an electronic bleep landscape. The b-side "Disneyland" is more thundering club sounds mixed with sly pop hooks on both mixes. The instrumental track "Air" is the forgotten gem and the real winner on this EP. Definitely an Erol Alkan approved track.

Jef Stott-SoukSonik EP (Six Degrees)(US)
Excellent five track EP available as a download from SF's Six Degrees imprint. Part of their Emerging Artists series, this EP allows the label to move from their more ponytailed downtempo and electronica into more exotic forms. The rhythmic sounds of the stringed oud coming wafting through the hypnotic melange of Turkish dervish music. Sprinkle in some tribal elements of club music and you have the ingredients for a damn good EP of modern world music.

Samantha James-Rise (OM)(US)
Pretty decent tunage on the debut from the daughter of Bonanza and Little House On The Prairie theme composer David Rose. James creates Dido/Everything But The Girl inspired pabulum you would hear on hip teen shows like Veronica Mars. The title track, in fact, has been a huge selling single on iTunes with it's breathy vocals and lightweight, radio-friendly production. Still the tune is solid and incredibly catchy. The rest of the CD plays out like the best or worst of Sade or the aforementioned EBTG depending on how much of that type of slick radio pop you can handle. Can't totally recommend this due to the sheer amount of fluffiness but I can't totally dismiss it because James is a half-decent songwriter

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