Can You Believe It's Been 8 Years?

According to Fabric's press release celebrating their eight anniversary, Mormons believe that people are responsible for their actions at the age of eight. Apparently this does not apply to nightclubs but will trying kids as young as this as adults be a new public policy for future president Romney? We can only hope...
Thanks be to Christ (if there was such a thing) that my good friends at the world's best night nightclub hoisted an airplane carry-on sized container of elegant spirits 'cross the pond to ease my nerves. What has made this London hotspot thrive while other dance brands in the UK such as Ministry Of Sound, Renaissance, and Cream felt significant downsizing over the past decade? For one, Fabric is dedicated to breaking new music, secondly they pay attention to the details. This has also earned the club's label Fabric London a sizable following in the elusive US market. Last week the club celebrated their impressive anniversary with three nights of parties that were easily the best on the planet. Thursday ushered in Fabric's other night "Adventures In The Beetroot Field" while Friday saw the worlds best jungle and breaks DJs assemble. Saturday ws the capper with apperances from residents Craig Richards and Terry Francis as wellas list of who's-who that included Ellen Allien, Cobblestone Jazz, Ivan Smagghe, Optimo, I-f, Rub N Tug, and many more.
In honor of the momentous occasion the club saw fit not only to send lil ol me a shot of middle shelf booze but a commerative ice cube tray that makes cubes in the shape of Fabric's cheery logo. Attention to detail. Nice work guys!

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