February singles round-up

Fade Records has really been on my radar screen this past year. Why? New experiments in trance. Chris Fortier's imprint has been releasing a steady stream of upfront digital promos of pretty consistent quality in a genre all but on life support these days. You gotta admire the courage to stay true.

The new Fade sound fuses the minimal with the melodic elements of progressive but adds some the best elements of psy-trance (the rolling basslines) and a pinch of 80s goth flare.

With that said I did appreciate Neil Kolo's new material but it's pretty deep and chilled for too much dancefloor play. Well-produced and dreamy though-especially "Cepheid Variable" (sounds like a Boards Of Canada track name doesn't it?).

But back to the "new experiments in trance" thing I mentioned previously...
Android Cartel really fits the bill too. The L.A. duo get all Brooklyn emo-house'd on "Mind Meeting", the b-side to their new single on Fade-"Hypnotek". "Sleepwalking" from their previous digital release was also along these lines and definitely a dancefloor mover.
Here's a recent mix from the boys:

Bryan Cox and his new Crux imprint have also been all up in my face lately, too. If there's gonna be another breakthrough American producer like Martin and Von Stroke it's gonna be this guy. I could go either way with him-he could end up being totally obnoxious like Donald Glaude or he could be right up there with Drop The Lime as a big time American DJ playing it old school and gettin lotsa love across the pond. I guess I never really got tired of Beltram and "Mentasm" because I thought that in-your-face ruggedness was part of the charm of early rave music. Cox knows this too. With a high profile remix coming out on Defected and two certified dancefloor killers-the Gaetan remix of "Where You At" and his remix of Trash Fashion's "Rave Dave" on his own Crux imprint the dude's well on is way...

What can I say about "Shinjuku" by Lazyfatpeople? It certainly isn't new but it sure is a great track. I am glad I finally have it. If minimal has a greatest hits collection this would certainly be one of its top selections. When is Demon Days coming back to SF?!

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