The revenge of the Static Revenger

The idea of sharing new music with my friends (and my friends to be) is the main reason I started this blog. It's also the main reason why I keep going out despite the fact that I just keep getting older. These days it's a quasi-privileged position to be a collector of music; whereas once it was a high and noble position to be an obsessive record collector like a John Waters, Jello Biafra, or Greg Shaw. It took years to amass the hoard of a king, these days that hoard can be stored on an item that fits in your hand and acquired in mere hours. The floodgates have opened as the masses have finally seized control of the media in a revolt that would make old Uncle Marx proud. The problem, an allegory for socialism in general, is that the revolutionaries and their zeal have discovered that their precious markets are all closed up and in many cases torn down to make room for that new turnpike. No one wants to pay to boink a whore if they can get it from the slutty girl up the street for free. Everyone is screaming where's da loot while Jay-Z dances around in rap videos with stacks o' euros. The world done changed. Where I once scaled the heights of pop music sagedom (for what it's worth) I am now reduced to being a conduit by night and weekends while I sell ads for a manufacturing magazine by day. My how things have changed. But don't worry dear reader(s???) I am biding my time...
For now I present Static Revenger and his new album Love Song Surprise and anybody who knows this Detroit cat for his cheesy dance music is in for a big shock. The reason I mention it is because Mr. Revenger (domo origato Mr. Revenger) hooked up with Duke Mushroom, a dude who's been around forever, but was involved the dope Bole 2 Harlem comp that came out last year. The album doesn't suck despite the fact that "Sweetest Day" was played at Kevin & Brittney' wedding and I've been permitted to share some goodies with y'all:

Free download of album tracks “Satellite” and “Sweetest Day”

(Right-click and save titles)

Oh did I mention the guy's a filmmaker too? Watch this absolutely hilarious interview as Dennis White interviews his alter ego -Static Revenger.

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