'ave a peak at the new Portishead video


A little teaser for ya'all from the upcoming new album. Look a bit creaky don't they? Choon's okay- tho admittedly I was never a huge fan. I always felt they were more for the soccer-mom-on-pills crowd than for a techno-head such as myself. Sounds as if Portishead will be removed from their museum confinements as well to co-headline this year's Coachella along with two other relics from the past-My Bloody Valentine and Kraftwerk. What started out as an excellent festival (Coachella) has quickly devolved in a paltry substitute for once mighty national tours such as Lollapalooza, which also seemed to evolve into the same kinda crapfest that Coachella is morphing into. The spring fest has spawned a bazillion bad imitators like mushrooms after a rain shower and apparently has now also phased out their tastefully eclectic billing in favor of a more crassly commercial format that smacks of that iPod like desperation of trying to connect with someone...anyone they can possible squeeze some revenue out of...but hey I was always suspect of the arena concerts because I have never felt the value of the concert has once matched the price I paid for the ticket. But I digress, enjoy your Portishead...

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