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The latest in a legendary series that has included mixes from Mark Farina, Kaskade, J.T. Donaldson, and Lance DeSardi. Top shelf West Coast sounds from Olivier Desmet and Inland Knights make this yet another installment worth checking out. In the meantime preview it online plus download a free track for your time. Once again, thank OM.

Free Track Download


  1. Swirl Peepz - Multin Luv [Listen]
  2. Vibezelect - So what You Know (Original Vocal Mix) [Listen]
  3. East Coast Boogiemen - Mile High Club (Swirl Peepz Remix) [Listen]
  4. Olivier Desmet & B McCarthy - Disco Dust (Jason Hodges Remix) [Listen]
  5. Joshua Iz - Get To Know [Listen]
  6. Missing Persons - No Pants Dance [Listen]
  7. Alexander East - No More (LawnChair Generals vs. Rick Preston Mix) [Listen]
  8. Inland Knights - Changes (Down to the Ground) [Listen]
  9. Olivier Desmet & Oriental Funk Stew - Hot On Your Trail (Kinky Movement Remix) [Listen]
  10. Reggie Watts - So Beautiful (Olivier Desmet & Oriental Funk Stew Remix) [Listen]
  11. Inland Knights - Hands Up [Listen]
  12. Natural Rhythm - Uh Oh [Listen]
  13. Inland Knights - Cant Wait [Listen]
  14. Da Sunlounge - Chicago [Listen]
  15. Alexander East - Feel Me (JT Donaldson Remix) [Listen]
  1. Kinky Movement - Freak Trip [Listen]
  2. Giom - Stolen Soul [Listen]
  3. Spettro - Confusion (Diesel & Desmet's Horny Rubdown) [Listen]
  4. Town & Country - Love Could Be (LawnChair Generals Town Mix) [Listen]
  5. Swirl Peepz - Silence [Listen]
  6. Da Sunlounge - Billy Boy [Listen]
  7. Inland Knights - Ghetto Shit [Listen]
  8. The Littlemen - Good Life [Listen]
  9. Alexander East - Feel Me (Joey Youngman Remix) [Listen]
  10. Olivier Desmet & Chuck Diesel - Gary's Groove [Listen]
  11. Olivier Desmet & Oriental Funk Stew - Hot On Your Trail (Frequent Fliers Remix) [Listen]
  12. Giom - Be Free [Listen]
  13. Toka Project - Two Welfare Checks [Listen]
  14. Da Sunlounge - Cant You See [Listen]
  15. Ken ECB - I Heart Boogie (Toka Project Mix) [Listen]
  16. Vernon & Dacosta feat. Apple Rochez - As Darkeness Falls (Giom Mix) [Listen]

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