fat freddys drop

Fat Freddy’s Drop @ Hammersmith Odeon, 26th April 2007.

FFD’s name is a reference to some high quality acid blotters that where circulating in New Zealand’s dance scene in the 90’s. Tonight’s show, which is FFD’s biggest in the UK to date is a brilliant trip through roots, dub, reggae, jazz, soul, oompah and a bit of drum and bass. On tour supporting a new single and soon to be released new album, most of tonight’s music comes from the new album rather than the classic, “Based on a true story”. So no Midnight Marauders, no Bluey and no Hope, but what we do get is a band who are tight, funky and seem to enjoy playing so much, none more so than the horns section. Moo behind the decks is as ever amazing, rolling thunderous bass line fill up the cavernous Hammersmith Odeon. Jo Dukie who has one of the finest voices in music is dressed like a country gent tonight and is even seen sporting a bass guitar for a couple of the new tunes. The new music is fantastic, live it did not sound as dubby as the first album, and it sounds a bit more fun and a lot funkier. With Belarusch and Yarro Bravo joining the band on stage for the last tune, an up-tempo bounce along to Wandering Eye, all the crowd are standing and dancing to probably the best live band about at the moment.


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