They used to make you pay for comps this good

The End club and record label throws its cap into the podcast arena with a series called Recommends. It's a lot like the Incite series that comes with a subscription to XLR8R magazine, except it's free. Thanks for continuing to ruin the record industry guys. Anyway, I told The End's marketing and press manager that the only way I would promote such an act is if they would pay to send Prince Harry back to Afghanistan and then fly me into Kabul to meet the Prince and then for both of us to partake an all night opium help-yourself. I also demanded better 007 flicks that are less Austin Powers and more Octopussy. I guess only time will tell on the JB request but let me tell you we rocked it in Kabul. Thanks to The End for the arrangements and the trip, pictures are being withheld for fear of damaging the Windsor reputation. And in return for the vacation and raging case of dysentary I present Vol. 3 of Recommends from The End. Good stuff!

Recommends Vol 3:

1 - Sebastien Tellier: Divine [Midnight Juggernauts remix] (Lucky Number)

An epic synth-driven power ballad conjuring up visions of The Bee Gees dressed as robots walking through the Blade Runner set.

2 - Black Grass: Bless (Catskills)

If ‘Bless’ had been produced 40 years ago, it’s the type of track that would have been played in the dance tent at Woodstock amidst a brigade of naked hippies dancing around daisy fountains.

3 - Inland Knights: Lay On Me (Drop Music)

Classic Inland beats, a great b-line, a cheeky little lyrical injection from Gills Scott’s 'Love Rain' but best of all, a seriously clever steel drum layer.

4 - DJ Gregory: Triby (Defected)

A masterclass in house music individualism...

5 - autoKratz: Reaktor (Kitsune)

More jump around magic from Kitsune – can this label do no wrong?

6 - Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip: Look For The Woman [Zane Lowe remix] (Sunday Best)

An infectious cocktail of elegant electro-hop; the pair bill the track as a “love song for those sick of love songs”.

7 - Jay Shepheard: Pipes N Sneakers (Compost Black)

Jay Shepheard moves to Poland and suddenly starts making tracks like this? If only producers did the same, think how much good music we’d have!

8 - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band: Sunshower (Strut)

MIA sampled this track, but you have to check out the original - the perfect example of how music with shelf-life resurfaces decades after creation.

9 - Plantlife: Lovetoy (Rapster)

This brims with the funkful soul of The Meters, the electronicism of Funkadelic and a guitar solo that could easily be an extension of Prince’s little being.

10 - Me & You: Sneaker Thief [Hint Remix] (Tru Thoughts)

A prescription of trumpets announces the forthcoming onslaught of breakbeats and gastro-bass in the Hint remix of Me&You’s excellent ‘Sneaker Thief’.

11 - Tiger Stripes: Beach Buggy [Motorcitysoul Ambient Mix] (Urban Torque)

What was originally an arpeggio house masterpiece has now become a sublime chill out masterpiece remixed by Frankfurt ’s kings of the deep, Motorcitysoul.

12 - Booka Shade: Mandarine Girl [Rework] (Get Physical)

We are delighted to present you with this brand new edit of Mandarine Girl, a UK exclusive of a fantastic track.

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