Finally a new singles round-up

Jussi-Pekka-Uraputki Express EP(Athletikk 003)(Germany)
Techno, House

Nice early evening stuff on the title cut with a wicked, emotronic bassline running through it. The shuffling drum breakdrowns give it an old school 808 ghetto feel while the dreamy synth pads give it a nice housy feel without being retro or drowsy. Solid track.
Pendoliino is the other stand out on this 4-track EP with a driving assembly line rhythms and frantic synth squeal melodies that sound like something that bith Sven Vath and UR would approve of, textbook example of good underground European techno.

Kerosene-Little Mosquito (Athletikk 004)(Germany)
Techno, house

Included on the latest from Athletikk is an extended version of Transcentraltrain on the latest one from Roger Kerosene. Once again the same pumping bassline that propelled the train on Uraputki Express shows up here. This one is slower and funkier with some wicked Juno stabs that kinda reminded me of some early Baby Ford b-sides. It's got the right amount of fuzz and tamborines to make it one of my favorites of 2008. The Lars Sommerfield remix of the title track is a sick techno meets breakbeat cut with a whining synth line that sounds like, you guessed it, a little mosquito. Top notch track!

Cubenx-Can't Throw A Stone (InFine-IF2012)(Germany)
Exclusive Cubenx Hide & Seek mix
Techno, minimal

Awesome three tracker from this new label outta Berlin with Agoria mannining the A&R duties. As expected there's a lot of zee German touch on here but there's a nice proggy trance element that is little bit along the lines of the Kompakt or Border Community labels. Not much to report except the ticky tacky drums and some wild rolling basslines that only can only be found in places like Berlin where the party lasts well past Sunday. Each of the three tracks is a winner, rare in a single these days. This label will be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

Profile 25-Intro_Seduction (Fade-FD052)(US)
Techno, progressive

Profile 25 is a new signing to the Fade camp and another from the rising tide of young, hungry Hungarian producers. The four tracks her are titled with the vague "D", "E", "F", "G". Based on the melodic leanings of all four, I'd wager they refer to key signatures. All three are examples of a 2008 phenomenon where trance, house, and techno all meet to varying degrees in the same track. My personal preference was for "E" with a pretty epic feel but with a
bassline that's all party.

Marc O' Sullivan-Fragments EP (DK7) (?)
Techno, progressive

The new single from frequent Jesper Dahlbeck collaborator Marc O' Sullivan is culled from the superb full length Fragments Of A Long Winter. O'Sullivan is well-versed in the Irish sound which is firmly routed in techno but certainly no stranger to progressive. All three tracks are good with a focus on deep headbobbing beats that are not somnabulistic due to excessive melodic impulses. Thankfully those urges are toned down and the results are very good.

Urban Hussy-Mardi Gras Pt. 1 (Elevation-ER019)
Techno, electro

The original on this four track EP has a sassy, electro vibe due to Chelonious Jones' vocals which typically channel the purple one, that is if Prince did huge rails of angel dust. Elegia gets all French for so-so results but Timmy Stewart, an Irish producer of note delivers two heavyweight mixes for this dependable Irish label. The dub is the really winner-dark, moody, obessive with a Trentemoller style string breakdown. One of the hottest remixes thus far for me this year.

Alland Byallo-Drag (Nighlight Music-NLMX 01)(US)
Techno, house

This was a free download from the a talented SF based DJ and producer. The a-side was a throwaway Dirtybird bass bomb that veered little away from their formula but then again what did you expect from a free EP? The second pass at Drag is a dirty, late night techno monster with some menacing bass. Well worth a look, especially if you like to take it deep and dark.

Marcella pres Unisex Inc.-Bouncing Nipples (Leaders Of The New School-LONS005)(UK)
Techno, progressive, electro

Here is the fifth release on the Toolroom offshoot label, Leaders Of The New School. This one falls smack dab in the middle of what I like to call dirty house or new school electro. A slightly naughty spoken word about seeing thousands of smiling bouncy nipples at the nightclub propels this somewhat cheesy bleepfest. The dub accentuates the trackier, latin elements on this three tracker and thus gets my seal of approval.

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