Okay, it's true I probably wouldn't check a club oriented violinist even if my life depended on it, I mean c'mon this guy is no John Cale. BUT, this is the music biz and part of what makes artists we don't necessarily like so popular is friends doing friends favors behind the scenes. Yeah, I do that too but that's life and I know some of you might actually be interested in Micah the Violinist so here ya go.

Micah is one of the world’s rawest talents today. Armed with an assortment of violins, he can be found at world renowned Ibiza club haven, Amnesia, where he holds the title as resident violinist for the last five years. Witness the fire breathing violin or the LED lit bow, guaranteed to take your breathe away.

Whether is be upbeat club music, downtempo sultriness or hip-hop beats, Micah can grasp and create emotion with his violin with such ease, whatever the genre. Micah possesses a unique flair for improvising over any style of music. Upon request, he can accompany virtually any song of any style with other musicians or alone, giving a seamless impromptu performance. Micah enjoys performing solos as much as collaborating with other musicians, but he especially thrives on performing with percussionists and vocalists.

He has played with djs such as David Vendetta, maintaining a year long tour together, as well as King Britt, Robbie Rivera, Kurd Maverick, Mauro Picotto, Rich Medina, Marcella Suring, John Modena, Laurent Wolf, Antoine Clamaran, DJ Active, DJ AM, DJ Amaze, and many more.

Micah has also graced the stages, at Paris Gay Pride Radio FG Event, many a Winter Music Conference in Miami, and has toured continuously for the last two years, playing four to six days every week. And to top that off, Micah has time to produce music, signing a number of tracks to Teggno Records, Ibizarre Records and DjCenter Records. There are at least another seven tracks under Micah’s belt, to be later released this year, so watch out for those…


July 2 – Amnesia Ibiza Fiesta De Espuma – Ibiza
July 4 – Via Notte – David Vendetta world tour – Corsica
July 5 – Essential Knockout Festival – Amnesia Arena with DK Schmitz & Sebastian Ingrosso - Riga
July 7 – Fiestas Legendario with DJ Ravene Voluz – Sevilla
July 10 – Sa Trinxa beach with DJ sin Plomo – Ibiza
July 12 – Stadium festival – DJ Cosmo & Arsenal of Sound – Chicago
July 16 – Fiestas Legandario with DJ Ravene Voluz – Valencia
July 17 – Peppermint Event @ mix – David Vendetta tour - Dubai

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