White Label

White Label @ Novas, Liverpool, 27th September 2008.

Dub Reggae, Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass, Dubstep and Electrinica.

If you turned up to the launch night of the brilliantly named White Label your ears are probably still ringing from the volume and feet still shuffling from the brilliant music that was played. If you didn’t turn up it’s only a matter of a week or so before someone tells you about it because it was loud. The amazing Dangerclart Sound System is obscene, as loud as thunder and as clear as crystal, no club in Liverpool plays music of this kind or off any kind this loud and the only clubs in the north that are this loud are usually playing pure reggae and dub. It’s not just the volume though; there are cracking visuals on offer and the atmosphere although not busy is fantastic. G-Lite and Reynolds, Toxteth Rebel Alliance, Dogs Pocket, RKD, Badboy, Entity and Doughnut Burger are the musical selectors tonight and all put in excellent sets. Toxteth Rebel Alliance and Dogs Pocket playing sets you would not usually expect them to play, the rebels ripping into dark dubstep and jungle while Dogs Pocket plays all this really cool glitchy type stuff. Bill and Dave Entity as ever are fantastic, Dave seeming to go off on one as Bill stands around looking cool. As I was walking home after tonight I realised that everyone in the venue went home with a smile on their faces, not something a lot of clubs can say in Liverpool.
Brilliant music, great venue, fantastic visuals, amazing sound system and some cool local dj’s all playing cutting edge music and it’s all free. Unmissable.


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