Happy (belated) Halloween courtesy of Eight-Track Records

New Gavin Hardkiss DJ Mix :: Free Download On SoundCloud

Gavin Hardkiss just put together a stunning, eclectic DJ mix that's available for listening on our favorite music sharing site Soundcloud. You don't have to be a SoundCloud member to listen to the mix, but if you sign up then you'll also be able to download it. SoundCloud is pretty cool so you should sign up ... if you do, be sure to follow EIGHT-TRACKS.

You can find the Gavin Hardkiss "Ecstasy of San Miguel" DJ mix by clicking HERE.

A Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix For Halloween

Around 1998 Q-Burns Abstract Message remixed the track "Satan's Camaro" by punk/performance art group Heinous Bienfäng and His Cheap Moves. As the remix is devastatingly appropriate for Halloween we've decided to put it up on Soundcloud for you to listen and shiver along to. This track will be up for only a few days or until it loses its holiday relevance so check it out while you can.

Heinous Bienfäng and His Cheap Moves - Satan's Camaro (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
Click HERE to listen.

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