RA Top albums/DJs of 2008

Finally it seems something from Resident Advisor both surprising and almost spot on-the artist album poll. Again, I could strangle myself thinking that Portishead and Ricardo Villalobos both made this prestigious list. I mean did anyone actually hear anything besides hype floating out of the speakers while listening to Third? Seriously?! What I liked most were the high rankings of Hercules & Love Affair and Flying Lotus as well as the inclusion of all the writers' top 5 picks. The sheer diversity was a marvel and made me feel better about the state of dance music criticism in general. What I really think is that these polls are BS and this year's RA poll made that painfully evident to me. The DJ polls, opened to the general public, were about as predictable and irrelevant as the ultra-irritating DJ Mag yearly attempt to make sure everyone out there doing the DJ thang gets a trophy. Consider my eyes rolling as you read this....
Top 20 Albums

Top 100 DJs

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