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FilmGo.net knows that nothing goes together quite like dinner and a movie, so to bring the best of both worlds to the online movie-going experience, they have partned with Eats.com for the month of February. Register for free at eats.com and for the entire month every registered member of Eats.com can receive a FREE award winning Indie film from FilmGo.net.

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February's featured film of the month is a little gem shot on location in Hawaii, so try not to be too envious of the weather while you watch the gorgeous little love story of "All For Melissa" unfold...

"All For Melissa" is a touching, beautiful feature film that tells the story of a young man realizing that the girl of his fantasies may not be the girl of his dreams, and that love can be found in the most unlikely spots - like right beside him all along. What sets "All For Melissa" apart from other films of this genre is the role the landscape, culture, and spirit of Hawaii plays in the film. This is a love letter to Hawaii, a big aloha, and mahalo to the land and the people of this state.

Check out the trailer HERE

"A funny, sweet comedy with a delightful romantic sensitivity." - Aint It Cool News

"Director Gerard Elmore ("the boy genius" ) certainly knows how to put the asses in the seats. It's Elmore's best film yet, so don't miss it!" -Art House Monster

"The best local produced feature in years, a hit at its premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival" -Cinema Paradise

"All for Melissa" was an Official Selection at these Film Festivals

If you weren't fully convinced yet as to how great this movie is, it also features some really amazing tunes by artists like....


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