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Odd Nosdam
In very few hands do the likes of Cajun folk singer Cleoma Falcon, drone-ambient queen Valet, and indie-rock outfit Grandaddy peacefully coexist together. Odd Nosdam strings these, and more, together seamlessly, on the latest installment of the XLR8R Podcast.

Brian McCarty
Collectible toys are works of art doomed to a life stuck in packaging lest they lose their value. That's where Brian McCarty comes in. His photographs imaginatively flesh out the secret lives of collectible characters and, in the process, serve as a playful look at consumerism. Here, we join him in Malibu on a shoot and talk to him about his colorful world.

Phone Feature: Pop Levi vs. Sparks
Po-mo glam purveyor Pop Levi talks to Sparks' Russell Mael about the band's 21 albums and 40 years of keepin' it weird.

Artist to Watch: L-Wiz
Swedish duo Claes Rosén and Ola Näslund (a.k.a. L-Wiz) has been making dubstep since 2000, and although their music falls on the mellower end of the genre's spectrum, they occasionally indulge in what they call “headcrushing satanic basslines.”

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