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Artist: 16 Bit Lolitas
Label : Bits & Pieces
Rating: 7.5 out of 10.0
Released: Out Now
Type: Single/Vinyl

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As part of an ongoing series to showcase new talent, Ariaan “Aad” Olieroock and Peter Kriek (AKA 16 Bit Lolitas), -“the future house heroes of Amsterdam”- once again team-up with rising talents Glowfield for another single. The boys promised this release would be a little tougher than their usual hands-in-the-air anthem material and they certainly weren't kidding. Reefteef kicks like a paddle to the heart while the b-side Calling New York proves these guys can also do great music that is subtle and romantic.

Reefteef starts off with a driving techno beat that gets it jumping right away. The menacing electro charge baseline feels like a switchblade in a rumble with its overbearing sense of danger. The track's biggest attraction, though, has to be the orchestral horn stabs that color the melodic hook of it. Normally this would be the progressive house kiss-of-death for a big room charger like this but some how Glowfield pulls it off no problem. They succeed by using the stabs as dramatic accents to an already interesting and well-designed track with lots of cool sounds going on all around the main focal parts. Pings, zips, and even an old school hoover are all used to great effect to hold down the dark bass line and wall of percussion that catapult this track.

The flip-side Calling New York provides a proggier eye to the stormy techno tempest of the a-side. This track begins with melody dominating over bass line and remains subdued throughout. What makes it noteworthy is how Glowfield works interesting synth pads and percussion work into the mix. For maximum effect the track was designed as a tension builder to help lead into a peak hour banger with the arpeggios always rising and becoming more insistent as the whole thing unfolds. The breakdown has numerous opportunities to stray into the no-fly zone of epic trance and mostly manages to avoid them completely. There is still some glow sticking going on in here but Glowfield manages to simply create a good, subtle track comprised of hues and textures rather than the overbearing beats and baselines this could have easily become.

Reefteef is the rare two-tracker with two solid cuts-one tough and the other light and dreamy depending on the dance floor's mood. 16 Bit Lolitas also get an excellent opportunity to show off their A&R skills on this release and Glowfield has in return sent a warning shot to Olieroock and Kriek that they soon may be drawing many of the accolades the Lolitas current receive away with their own top-notch production skills.


1. Reefteef
2. Calling New York

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