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I’ll Keep On Loving You

Walter Jones

Mysterious New Orleans-based dance-music producer Walter Jones is back with "I'll Keep On Loving You," where he eschews his typical deep-house style in favor of an '80s club sound. Forget electroclash or even electro-house — this is the real deal electro produced the same way it was done back in the day, and the analog synths sound like vintage Jan Hammer straight out of Miami Vice. Add some coked-out vocals and a Nile Rodgers-approved guitar lick, and it's no wonder that electronica mavens DFA Records scooped up this track. The B-side, "Living Without Your Love," provides simple variation on this theme but with a nice disco-funk bassline that rises to Jones' usual wall of analog synth pads. With an instrumental reworking thrown in for good measure, "I'll Keep On Loving You" sounds sonically akin to the works of DFA labelmatesTim Sweeney and Metro Area and is a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a disco revivalist.

(By Sean-Michael Yoder, LimeWire Store)

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