May Singles Round-Up

James Teej
Spending Life
Key track: Affkt & Danny Fiddo Rmx
This mix has the perfect balance of deep, late night weirdness with it’s galloping bassline and plain old deep house with the great groove and vocal.

Cari Lekebusch
(Hybrid Productions)
Key track: Worship
I love the choral samples used as a hook on “Worship”, how heavenly.

Oliver Klein & Peter Juergens
Let's Take It
(Kling Klong)
Key track: Martin Eyerer Remix
Eyerer’s remix is super deep and elegant peak hour house.

Funk In
Key track: Sei A Remix
This label continues to be my template when I think of the kind of deep late night music I prefer to play and Sei A’s remix here is no exception.

Dhyan Møller
Quirkey Donkey EP
(Blipswitch Digital)
Key track: Lost in 3s
This one is so deep and languid it's practically a marine mammal. This is the drony, noisy dub-enriched sh*t I so dearly love.

One Of Them
11:11 EP 2
Key Track: Niko It's A Bad Dream (Sean Palm's Bits & Pieces Rmx)
Dreamy, dancefloor friendliness on Sean Palm’s remix perfect for those late night moments.

The Parallel
Galactix Remixes EP
Key Track: Underwater (Djorvin Clain Rmx)
“Underwater” was my favorite track on the original release and this remix is as deep and clattery as the original. Nice work here!

Zorro EP
(Kling Klong)
Key Track: Strict Border Remix
Canadian Strict Border goes straight for the dark side on his remix with lots of killer shakers too.

Matteo Di Marr
Addicted/Full Circle
(Toolroom Trax)
Key Track: Addicted
One of the summer's hottest cuts, the bassline is a real crusher

Primaveral 6 EP
Key Track: Dead Seal-The Breeze
Incredible track by Dead Seal, tough and gorgeous at the same time. Great ideas abound.

Munich Clubbing Supreme
(Great Stuff)
Key Track: Munich Clubbing Supreme
Nice chunky peak hour tribal house on the original.

Hell's Kitchen
Key track: Playgroup Remix
I can envision Ewan Pearson playing all 18 minutes of the Playgroup remix somewhere. This is a great cut from start to finish and good for home or club listening.

Daniele Papini
Hidden Source
(Break New Soil)
Key Track: Hidden Source
Great tension building track, I liked the little blips that gave this one a little deeper edge.

Patrick Turner
Out Of Body Experience EP
(Sowat Music)
Key track: Kinetic Faction
Deep, drummy, and dubby-perfect for the late night hours.

Got Fringe?
Key track: Got Fringe?
Great funky house track, love the deep groove on the original.

Lumiere & Luhabra
Key track: Nothing
This is soooo proggy and so yet so good. Lovely stuff here with some great percussion work and a flare for the dramatic.

Tigersushi EP
Key track: Original
Nice mix of mnml sounds and deep house filters. Also very melodic, typical of Dialtone releases.

Rob Glennon
Unnatural Selection Remixes EP
Key track: Gorilla Milk (Mezzanasia Rmx)
Interesting mix of proggy breaks and techno for something very fat & chunky!

Wet Call EP
(Dublin Xpress)
Key Track: Wet Call
Top notch bassline and intricate percussion make the original a real mover.

Key Track: Just The Kind Of Girl
Beautifully lush late night sh*t complete with cool vocal sample.

Mark O'Sullivan
deFragmented EP
(Nice & Nasty)
Key track: Ghosts Of Acid (Jamie Behan Rmx)
Not quite up to par with the other remixes i've heard of this track but still very icy and lush.

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