Shadow over Santa Susana - book release & 40th anniversary of the Manson murders due out August 9th

The only thing I need to know is "Will this day be considered a holiday?"

40 years after the infamous Tate-LaBianca murder case of August 1969, Creation Books presents a definitive account of those killings and their perpetrators, the Charles Manson Family.

In this revised and updated edition of THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA, investigative journalist Adam Gorightly takes his readers on a black magic carpet ride from the Hollywood "Beautiful People" scene of the late 60's through to the vast desert landscapes of a Death Valley gone mad - with all the love-ins and murderous creepy-crawls that happened along the way. He also investigates a number of conspiracy theories, both old and original, about the Manson case. The result is the most complete document published to date on Manson and his “Love and Terror Cult”, an illustrated kill-bible for the coffee-tables of all self-respecting true crime buffs, counter-culture freaks and aspiring teenage satanists.

Expanded from its original release in 2001, this controversial “40 year anniversary” edition includes new material on Manson and family along with over 200 rare photographs.

“The single greatest book about crazy Charlie and his hippie chicks!” Michael Marinacci,
author of Mysterious California

“For years I've had a gnawing feeling that there was more going on with the Charles Manson Tate/LaBianca murders than ever made it into the public consciousness. Now a book has been released that, more than any other before it, fits many of the pieces together in a case that still has us interested forty years later.” Victor Thorn, wingtv.net

THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA, published by Creation Books, www.creationbooks.com, 7 X 10 inches, 192 pages. $19.95.

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