We've gone and changed the name

"No one is united, all things are untied..." X (the band)

Life gets complicated and untidy sometimes even the best laid plans run askew of their original intentions. Eastern philosophies ensure us that the only calming influence in our otherwise meaningless lives is change. This universe, apparently just one of endless variations, seems only to favor the newest and latest - everything else, as P.K. Dick points out so eloquently time and again, is in various stages of decay and entropy. Kinda glum but the only response as a mortal being passing through the invisible clutches of time is reinvention. A fancy way of saying, that as my business ventures continue to grow, I have to segment and contain every last drop of content that spills from my fingers - my words having a genuine value assigned to them, the more I capture, the more I earn. On a larger scale, it's the transformation from individual to corporation, something I think all small business owners struggle with; even more so for me because I've grown up in the music business and my single greatest hero was Johnny Thunders, a walking tornado if there was ever one. By the time he was my age he was dead, murdered by banditos in the night. His born-to-lose approach is a romantic notion that many kids who grew up the Seventies and Eighties fully bought in to and the pile of bodies is, sadly, stacked like cord wood.

But here I am, alive, and running a successful independent music operation - a stranger in a strange land - so the idea was to remove my old blog site from the day to day world of underground dance music and make it more like a confessional, like the recent pieces I've been writing, and decided it was time for a rebranding and name change and set off in new directions. Hope you enjoy.

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