The CONDUIT Pt. 2 - Drums & Wires Mix - Summer 2015

CONDUIT 02 Mix - Drums & Wires
by Sean-Michael Yoder
Time for another CONDUIT mix. I had hoped to have Drums & Wires posted much earlier than the beginning of August and spent more time focusing on my upcoming radio gig right now instead. But when do things ever go as planned when flying by the seat of one's pants? Rarely. And it is in that haphazard spirit of organization that the Drums & Wires mix for the CONDUIT came about, a random late night expression of all the amazing alleyways and side streets of techno without much of a road map. But all who wander are not lost and what might seem like a meandering DJ mix at (the best of) times comes to a very psychedelic point in tracks like John Tejada's latest classic "Cipher" or the beauty-so-deep-you-can drown-in-it vibe of "Cassandra" by Donato Dozzy. There are other moments, too but overall this is a deep and gauzy mix filled with enough techno drums to appease even the hardest of core fans.

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RA DJ Charts - August 2015:http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/theabstract_terrorist/top10?chart=178495

Cio D'Or - And On (Telrae)
Cem Orlow - Lightfield (Fred P Reshape)(Soundscapes)
John Tejada - Cipher (Palette)
Nitin - Dubbed Out (Steve Rachmad Remix)(No. 19 Music)
Chi Thanh & Florian Kruse - Crickets & Bats (Olivier Weiter Remix)(Subjekt Recordings)
Dan Mela & Lady Blacktronika - Drive Me Crazy (Deep Mix)(What Ever Not)
Carl Cox - The Nite Life (Pornographic Recordings)
Andrea Frisina - Wild Prairie (Joey Beltram Remix)(Gate Null Recordings)
John Tejada - Dramamine (Palette)
Solar Estate - Solar Estate (unknown)
Ucleden - Summerjam (DML Deconstruction)(Broque)
we:us - For the Night (Berlin Lounge Mix)(Bikini Sounds)
Douglas Greed - To The Moon and Back (Fenou)
Ellen Allien - Lou (Bpitch Control)
Yannick Labbe - Always Look In Front (Kris Davis Remix)(Hafendisko)
Guido Schneider & Jens Bond - Trippin' (Amam)
John Tejada - Code Ext (Palette)
Martin Landsky - Under The Bridge (Poker Flat)
Noa - Tears Inside (Jay-J's Shifted Up Mix)(Sonido Local Recordings)
Jimpster - Solitude (Freerange)
Pete Dafeet - Wife (Extended Mix)(Lost My Dog)
Donato Dozzy - Cassandra (Claque Music)
John Tejada - Clairaudience (Palette)
Felix Lorusso - Human Blackout (Nonlinear Systems)
Sirius Brown - Arsat (Different Is Different)
Mar.key - Manta (Music Lovers)
Nitin - Dubbed Out (Deadbeat Remix)(No. 19 Music)
Knip - Warrior (Gurwan Remix)(Buena Onda)
Luna City Express - Tell Me When You Ready (Gruuv)
My Favorite Robot - Cast (My Favorite Robot)
Adjust & Rissa Garcia - Remmidemmi (Cosmic Disco)
My Favorite Robot - Manifesto (My Favorite Robot)

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