9/10 out readers agree about Samantha James

Turns out readers of 24 Hour Party People actually like Samantha James. I thought the album was a little lighweight but I've been around the block enough times to know what sells and Sammy J's album is currently #5 on iTunes' dance music charts. C.mon people aren't we tired of Auto-Tune yet??? Contrary to my sour attitude toward Rise I am always down to help my buddies at OM Records in SF and eager to give away what ever they send my way. Why? Because they are local and good, geniune people not just a bunch of hacks in it to make money (o where art thou Steve Lau?) and push crap. Sure they push a lot of crap, in my opinion, but people (lots of people) seem to buy that junk right up and that gives these guys the money to push hot underground cats like Alland Byallo and put on lavish boat parties in Amsterdam (you should have seen the line.....). OM has what it takes to survive in Record Labels 3.0 (aka the 21st Century) where others, including some behemoths, have failed . The label continues to innovate and brand while keeping an ear to the street and understanding their roots allowing them to adapting with the major shifts in dance music just like another little label-that-could back in the early 90s called Epitaph. In 1990 folks told label owner Brett Gurewitz he was insane for trying to push punk rock, a style of music supposedly on life support, to radio (both college and mainstream). Back then most of the music industry had all their eggs in the grunge basket then along came "Gotta Keep Em Seperated" and that pesky Cobain suicide and look who ended up on top? We're living in the same kinda times and thanks to labels like Epitaph a well-run and well-intentioned dance music indie label like OM could well end up leading the new SF resurgence. Oh well, who cares right??? You just want your Sammy J sampler and OM knows that, that's why the link is here. If you have read this far you are a patience lot.


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