This week's recommendation

A few of you have asked me, since records seem a thing of the past only for the wisest of collectors, where should I go to get my downloads? There are the obvious choices iTunes, The Orchard, and Beatport and maybe some not so obvious like Stompy.com and Juno. But with the explosion in popularity of the digital format it has allowed labels and entire scenes to specialized and prosper thus injecting life blood into the growing scene. This week's recommendation comes all the way from Spain and has a name I'm somewhat familar with- Freakybeat. Basically the site is the digital distribution end of Beatfreak records, purveyors of fine tribal Iberican house for many years now. Turns out that sound is white hot right this second and you're not getting out of Latin America, the Caribbean, or Miami as a DJ without playing three solid hours of tracks like these.

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