Morgan Page launches Nuance imprint

One of my favorite up & coming young DJs, the ever-ballsy Morgan Page has thrown his hat into the vanity imprint ring and launching Nuance Recordings as a vehicle for his remixes and productions.

Some of you may remember Page for his imfamous 2006 bootleg mix Cease & Desist that took on major label acts as big as Bowie and Coldplay and won. Turns out the damn thing's pretty good and if you haven't downloaded it by now then you need to click here.

"Cease and Desist started as an experiment to see how these mixes would resonant with the public. I had no idea how people would react, but my friends and fellow DJs urged me to release the album. Next thing I know - the mixes are popping up on KCRW, getting played at Coachella, and the majors are asking for remix work," Page says

Nowadays Page is working with pap like Tegan & Sara but he hasn't forgotten his underground roots having previously worked with labels like Bedrock, SAW, and Force Tracks. Nuance will provide Page his underground fix. Currently out now on Beatport is “Landline” (receiving full support from the likes of Sasha, James Zabiela, Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, Steve Lawler, and Nick Warren) and “The Tipping Point” EP. Please click here for a complimentary download of “Landline.”

Be sure to check out some great sets from Morgan Page and get yo'self a copy of Cease & Desist if you haven't already.

Morgan Page - DJ sets: (right/option-click to save)

Here are Page's current charts:

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