Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, November 2007.

Innovative, pioneering, bizarre and at times a visual treat, the HCMF dishes up a feast of delights including 50 concerts and 30 world premiers including, The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, which is odd to the extreme but very clever exploring the aesthetics, politics and sounds of food. Instruments made from fruit and veg, the pumpkin drums sound fantastic. Night of the Unexpected from The Netherlands is set in the beautiful industrial setting of Bates Mill, however the music does not live up to expectations which is a shame as the visuals on offer groundbreaking. Mira Calix’s and Faulty Optic’s, Dead Wedding is the highlight of the festival for me, cutting edge puppetry and futuristic electronics combine for the classic tale of Orpheus and his fight to exit the Underworld. Fantastic in every way. Mimeo takes improvising to its extreme, 11 musicians from across Europe , 11 tunes all 5 minutes long with no communication between musicians. It should not work but it does, twisted and funky in equal measure.


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