Plaid/ Hive

Hive, 4th Birthday Party @ FACT, Liverpool , 17th November 2007.

On your way in to this event you have your picture taken and get given a soul cake, that is an impressive way to start any gig. Also been served up today are the amazing Plaid who take us on a journey of disturbing electronic noises, it’s brilliant rhythmically twisted music. Geiom, aka Kamal Joory fuse’s dubstep and electronics perfectly creating a big rolling bass sound. Its all low-end sounds here, very melodic and very tight. Frog Pocket from Plant Mu, most bizarre, once described as, “The Wickerman dancing to freakbeats on the shoreline from Planet of the Apes”. This is so apt, apart from a brief moment where it all went a bit like Riverdance, on crack and acid, this set was funny and inspired. The visuals on whole where trippy, with everyone’s photo in the crowd making it on to screen whilst plaid played. With four events planned for next year’s Capitol of Culture and Biennial in Liverpool it should be a good year for HIVE fans.


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