Resident Advisor's Top 30 Tracks

This is the big one....
I don't think there is a more recognized authority on cutting edge dance tracks than Resident Advisor and though I disagreed with many of their polls finding them too Villalobos-centric to the point of avoiding almost every other thing that happened in dance music this year and there was a lot they still provided a more accurate assessment of whaddafug happened this past year than anyone else out there. I would tend to agree that this was probably Efdemin's year due to the quality of the releases on his Dial imprint but if you've been a fan of electronic dance music for more than just the past five years you know the real story this year was fans and artists collectively scoring a major victory here in the US and sending edm hurtling back onto the fringes of the mainstream . One of the major reasons was that the music was quality whether you listened to MIA, Ewan Pearson, Burial, or LCD Soundsystem you were exposed to more excitement in dance music than the rest of the decade combined has provided. Despite the breakthrough of the full length this year we all know the 12" single or some variant thereof is still the fuel that fires dance music's engine and The Resident Advisor Top 30 represents the very best in quality from the top tastemakers in edm. Those who have taken the time to listen and roadtest all of the chaff produced this past year and whittle it down to such a narrow and authorative list. i was very happy to take part and even contribute a review of #17 on the list, which as a Californian I felt respresented the deep cosmic house vibe that really started taking roots in 2007 and was my number one for the year. Every voter's list is included along with MP3's for most of the Top 30 selections to allow you to catch up if you missed something or present you with a new discoveries (I've already had two "Charly" and Kerri Chandler's big track from '07).

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