New artist alert

My friends over at Milan Entertainment are always free and easy with the electronic promos which I am always happy to see. I am a huge supporter of the labels and management getting the music out to the people. Since when did it become a business model to cloister away new music on plastic little disks charging criminal rates above and beyond the actual worth of the product itself? There is new music to be heard, it's everywhere. So why pay high prices without at least being able to sample the product first? Therefore I strongly urge y'all to check out From Leaf To Feather, a new group from Los Angeles that captures all of the melancholy of Brian Wilson and his acid soaked smiles of childlike innocence with the coy affectations of the mid 90s Silver Lake scene dominated by the Dust Brothers. There's also something sly and krauty floating around on their debut album Themes On An Imaginary Winter . I have included a track from the new album as a little teaser, a real good one too. Enjoy!

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