Wait Til The Ice Melts

My pal Ernest Gonzales runs a great indie electronic label called Exponential down in San Antonio, TX as well as performing under the guise Theory Of Everything as well as his own name. The label's Collapsing Culture compilation really exposed me to dope artists like Mnolo and especially Aether216. That's why I am all excited about the label's newest comp for 2008 Wait Til The Ice Melts which features many of the same artists on Collapsing Culture however this time around the overall sound is reminiscent of the new romantic and synth pop sounds of the 80s colliding with the sounds of Detroit electro of the same era all to the same trip hop/indie pastiche that is the label's steez. I am happy to share two cuts from the comp due out in March as well as an exclusive remix of Panda Bear courtesy of Ernest.
- Forgive Me
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Ernest Gonzales
- Caviar, Cigarettes, Dynamite, & Laserbeams

Panda Bear-Comfortable in Nautica, Ernest Gonzales Remix

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