Nu rave all up in the house

Successful UK imprint Domino seems hellbent on cornering the dancepunk market and thus conquering nu rave once and for all making Erol Alkan their b*tch slave. This time they team up with their rivals in the genre DFA for a blistering new single from some English chaps called These New Puritans. The song is called "Navigate, Navigate" and actually the A-side is kinda retarded-in a bad Ricardo Villalobos on quaaludes remixing "House Of Jealous Lovers". And at 15 plus minutes with a super low tolerance of indie rock I'd say it sucks. The reason we're all here is for the Tim Goldsworthy "Loving Hand" remix which is also extremely long but also extremely rewarding if you can get past the screechy beginning before the bass drops.
I have been allowed to let you make your own judgement. Enjoy!
"Navigate, Navigate" can be streamed here:

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