Yo Sean, where tha f*ck u been?

First off, let me say happy new year to you y'all and what a fine year it was- until the very end. The good news was that I had twelve days off from work at my day job and was very productive. Bad news? No running water during said time period. We did get a break for NYE with yet ANOTHER amazing party (mixes to follow shortly) and a delivery of water. But then the storm of the century laid waste to our ridge, many of our trees, and most importantly-our power. For seven days we lived like the Ingalls family in our very little house on the prairie. Well except that our house is at about 3,200 feet elevation on a ridge in the Sierra Nevada foothills- IN THE WINTER. To add insult to injury it dumped snow to the point of being nearly snowed in at our house in the dark. Not showering for nearly week will really blow your mind. I felt like a homeless man but actually more like a disaster victim. The storm was absolutely horrific and inflicted tons of damage and where I live was hit hardest. I am not looking forward to experiencing another like it anytime soon. Weather is drying and sunny and the snow has long since melted so mold is in full bloom. Okay, I admit I got a little out of hand last weekend and compromised the immune system so here I am paying the price out of comission being sick until tonight.
I have some more posts to churn out in the next few days including some new reviews and mixes so please bear with as I recover from winter's ugly pimp hand being laid down upon me.

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