Lyrics Born Live in Liverpool

Lyrics Born @ Liverpool Carling Academy, 27th July 2008.

It is shocking to see so few people at this event tonight; around 40 people have made the effort to come and see the truly talented singer/ mc/ rapper that is Lyrics Born. Thankfully Lyrics is a true professional and he and his band plays the whole gig as if it where a packed out stadium, credit. Lyrics Born aka Asia Born aka Tom Shimura aka member of Quannum Projects aka half of Latryx is cool, he looks cool he sounds cool, he is cool. Often highly controversial and always observant of the society he lives in, Lyrics is not scared of bringing in hard core politics into his music, it works really well as he mixes this up with humour and delivers it with complex rhyming and even internal rhyming whatever that is. With 7 albums under his belt, this tour is to promote his new album, “Everywhere at once”, a good but not his best album, so most of what we are served up tonight comes from this new work. However it’s the old tunes such as the fantastic, “Change my mind “, that really whips the crowd up. Backed by the fantastic Joyo Velarde, (who prowls the stage like a woman possessed) on vocals, and wicked DJ D-Sharp, its all kept very tight, I would love to see this man with a full backing band, horns and all the people he has ever worked with, that would be very special. So back to the lack of people at the gig well in a way I am glad few people are here because the gig is a little more intimate and feels special in some way, but oh boy all you fans of hip hop in Liverpool who failed to turn up, you really need to start making an effort or Liverpool will return to being an indie city, no one wants that.


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