Radioactive Man - Growl

Radioactive Man – GROWL on Control Tower Records, 2008.

So here we are with Keith Tenniswoods third solo album, Growl. If you like squelchy Brit acid laced soundscapes and a few banging tunes then this is needy purchase for your record collection. Released on Keith’s own label, Control Tower this album is a detour from the previous two albums, the debut a fantastic pounding homage to all things rave and old skool, a work of pure genius we all knew Keith would one day produce. The second long player, Booby Trap released in 2004 was less hardcore and more dancefloor friendly, pounding electro, techno and deep house all rolled up into 60 minutes of aural assault. So in Keith’s own words, “The new stuffs not intelligent, it’s different, more poppy as it is deep”, what he has managed to do is make an album of songs and not tracks, each song is different from the previous, there is a lot more soul and not as much banging. Its there that my problems begin, I loved that banging stuff, Keith did it better than anyone else in the UK other than Two Lone Swords team mate, Andy Weatherall, I do like this album especially Pieces of Eight, Growl and Lungful of bass. This LP works both well on the dance floor as well as sounding lush through my headphones at home. You have to check out Keith’s work it covers such a lot of ground, he is without doubt one of the most talented and underrated DJ’s and producers in the UK, many of you will be aware of his groundbreaking work with Andy Weatherall, that’s music from the next dimension, but whilst you are hanging around this dimension check out, Growl, you will not be disappointed.


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