The Bays live

The Bays and The Heritage Orchestra @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 17-11-2008.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to see Fat Freddy’s drop live, without doubt on of the greatest live bands of the last 10 years. Tonight I am treated to the same again; The Bays are one of my most impressive bands I have seen ever. Ripping up the text book on what you should and should not do as a band and doing their thing in their own way, quite unique for a band these days. The Bays do not rehearse, they do not make records they simply improvise live, from ambient electronica to thumping techno and drum n bass and everything in between, The Bays are unique chance takers, so much so here on their latest tour, they incorporate the amazing Heritage Orchestra and two composers in to the mix. It could all go so wrong, at times the music is a little out of synch but when it works and for 99% of the show it does we are treated to some great spiralling tunes, quite often what was happening on stage is summed up by one work, genius. This alongside some very twisted and trippy visuals and for once a great sound system in The Philharmonic all come together to make one of the greatest journeys into music I have been on for years and the best bit about it, I and no one will ever see this show again and that’s what will keep me going back to see The Bays over and over again, something new and different every time. In so many ways its mind bogglingly complicated, 20 musicians on stage all improvising with 2 composers writing a score in real time, but conversely that’s the beauty and simplicity of it all, its musicians doing what musicians do, making music together, it’s the improvising that’s pushing the creative side of things to the edge and not doing things that are safe. That is genius.


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