6 Toys

6ix Toys new album on Funkin’ Donuts.

When I finally got home to listen to this new cd, to be honest I was expecting pretty much run of the mill modern funk, to my surprise what the 6ix toys have actually done is to make a damn tight spanking up front album. From the opening track, “paint the hour” to the closer P Knuckle you are treated to 10 tracks of sleazy quality funk. The wicked vocals of Connie Lush complement the couple of tunes she is on brilliantly. The majority of the album is instrumental though and that’s a good thing as it allows the talent in the band to shine through. The horns in particular are fantastic and at times quite innovative in places. At times the band divert away from straight up funk, Wake and Bake is a slowed down, bass heavy affair and Mosquito will have you dancing around in a cha cha style. Giggle and the brilliantly titled Cannibal lunch are more upfront and would sit well in any hip hop set. We are also treated to a fantastic reworking of The Prodigy’s, Voodoo People, may be not as tight as the original but certainly well executed and funny in equal measures. 6ix Toys are on tour promoting this new album and I have no doubt they are going to be better live than on plastic, so keep your eyes and ears open for this cracking band in your local area.

Playing Liverpool on 14th November at The Magnet with the amazing Giant Panda


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