Murcof live i Liverpool.

Murcof @ The Bluecoat, Liverpool, 18th November 2008.

Tonight I feel weird I think it is a mixture of smoke and sparse electronica. The electronica is courtesy of Fernando Corona, aka Murcof who has just released the fantastic Versailles Sessions on Leaf records. Mexican electro wiz Fernando has joined forces for this tour with Spanish ensemble BCN216 and Flicker providing the always wonderful but often bizarre visuals. Each night viola, cello and trombone are played live by BCN216 then sampled, mixed and looped by Murcof to astonishing effect. The music is very sparse and spacey but throughout retains an almost classical or spiritual quality, I feel like I am wrapped in cotton wool and floating in my own little haunted space for what seems like an eternity but is only an hour. This is beautiful and unsettlingly moving in equal quantities.


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