Bestival @ Warehouse Project

Sunday Best presents Bestival at The Warehouse Project, Manchester. Friday 7th November 2008.

Has the Warehouse Project got anything to do with the original ethos of raves and illegal parties, well from someone who grew up dancing to illegal beats in fields I would have to say sadly, no? The venue is cracking once you get past the hoards of police and security outside, however what you are immediately hit with is really poor sound quality, the sound system in here needs burning down. The next thing you face is the masses of advertising, everywhere in you face. I do not mind the venue having a few banners up but we are being exploited in here, beer £3.50 a go as well, its no surprise the event is not sold out. It seems like every major club and DJ has wanted to get in on act with The Warehouse Project this year so it’s no surprise to see Rob De Bank and his excellent Bestival franchise here tonight. The line up to its credit is quite diverse unlike many of the events at this years Warehouse Project. First up in the back room is the fantastic Rich Reason, brilliant tunes and great visuals, shame such good music was being pumped through a cardboard box of a soundsystem. Florence and the Machine in the main room just do not grasp my attention and seem somewhat out of place; Dan Le Sac is quite amusing and pulls a decent sized crowd which seems to disappear as soon as DJ Kentaro hits the decks. This man is as clever a DJ you will ever see, skills wise he is up there with the likes of Jeff Mills and Freddy Fresh but once again because the sound is rubbish watching a genius becomes painful. Rob De Bank’s set is very uninspiring, it may have been a classics set but that means no new tunes and not being challenged, everything that illegal raves and festivals where about. I have loved De La Soul since I was a 13 year old kid, I still love them to this day but it sums a lot up when after 1 tune I leave to go home, you got it bad sound system. It seems weird but I am glad I came to this night, its taught me a lesson, it may be a Warehouse Project but it certainly ain't no Warehouse party, beware of those promoters trying to con you into thinking its 1988.


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