Kit Holmes

Kit Holmes @ Birkenhead Town Hall, 12th November 2008.

The last time I was in this fantastic venue was to see the amazing Bert Yansch to a packed house, tonight unfortunately the venue is almost empty a downside of a cold a wet night and the economy crash. For those who did make the effort of turning up though, Kit was professional throughout treating the gig as if it was full to the rafters. Kit is certainly someone who feeds of a crowd and I would love to see her play at a festival, her music ideal as it’s not just straight up folk music, there is a poppy side to her own tunes. Tonight we get a mix of tunes from Kit’s debut; Seeing You and the brand new album Catch the Echo with addition of a double bassist on stage, plus a few traditional gems like The water is wide and the beautiful Scottish classic, The yew with the crooked horn. Kit has a great sultry voice that is well matched by her skills on the guitar and her song writing. Constantly on tour if you like your folk music, fun with a bit of a modern twist then a trip to see Kit is essential.


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