FilmGo.net Launches a 24/7 Film Festival


545 Productions presents the new online destination dedicated to the independent arts...

545 Productions has been inspired by talented filmmakers to launch a 24/7 year-round film festival – all in the comfort of your own home. The site is the brainchild of Bill Bonfanti and partners Danielle Bonfanti and Gila Kaplan, founders of 545 Productions, and takes the independent arts into the 21st century by bringing Indie films and music straight to you.

Bill, creator of Filmgo.net had a simple plan which was to save money to make his first film while working at the New York Stock Exchange for a few years. Of course he soon became fed up with Wall Street and after putting in his time, Bill concentrated on finishing his first screenplay (Murder in Mind). Upon its completion and learning of the difficulties that lie ahead in getting his film produced and distributed, Bill decided to tackle the project in an untraditional manner. With his partners, he opened 545 Productions as they planned to distribute “Murder in Mind” via its own website. Upon building a website, Bill realized that there were plenty of talented filmmakers out there who also needed a place to showcase their films.

FilmGo.net was launched in late 2008, with 10 films and 3 featured musicians selected by Bill himself. The goal is to be the premiere destination to showcase talented Indie artists for audiences as well as the film industry by allowing film distributors and film viewers the opportunity to discover independent films outside of the traditional festival. FilmGo.net provides producers and musicians an interactive and modern environment to showcase their work, making FilmGo.net the new place to enjoy and support the independent arts.

With the completion of the site, 545 Productions has delivered an impressive, engaging festival that musicians, film professionals and fans alike will return to again and again.

545 Productions screens tons of movies each week, and brings to their members movies they deem as top quality acting and thematic movies. Bill comments Closer to my heart, each film is unique and has its own voice and distinctive qualities. Due to the difficulties in the industry, some wonderful films never get to see the light of day or I should say “dark of theaters”. One of my goals is to get as many films as possible viewed by the general public with an eye toward later distribution. My criteria for film selection are simple. I look for quality in acting, writing and directing but, in addition, a film must have commercial appeal for mass audiences. Each film on our site certainly passes these benchmarks.”

Among its features are:

  • Award-winning Indie films, hand-selected from the top film festivals in North America.
  • Talented, up-and-com ing musicians – with streaming songs and streaming videos from Indie musicians.
  • Bill’s Blog – discussing all areas of the entertainment industry, from movies to TV to music. Readers are encouraged to post their opinions, comments and views, creating a community of enthusiasts.
  • Box office predictions and results every week.
  • Current industry headlines from varied sources.
  • Movie trivia games, contests and giveaways, and more!

And best of all, membership is FREE!

Some current film titles include:

“Callback: The Unmaking of Bloodstain”: ironically enough this film is about film-making and acting: What do a schizophrenic, a Shakespearean actor, a mafia thug and a director hell bent on revenge have in common? They’re all working together on the same film. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

“Erosion”: a journey that offers us alternative ways of experiencing life through the lives of others and offers such an escape in the most visceral and emotionally charged fashion: breaking into strangers’ homes and experiencing how they live through the most intimate human act - sex. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

“Drakmar: A Vassals Journey” is a documentary about a boy, his knight and his dad. This is coming of age saga about a 14-year old boy in San Diego whose life alternates between the medieval fantasy Kingdom of Adria and the real world trials of a challenging adolescence. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

"Commit" : two strangers form a suicide pact over the internet and after meeting for the first time in person, realize that they might actual have something to live for. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

"Dead Horse": Carpet. Candy. Porn. Murder...Everyone needs a goal in life. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

"Comic Evangelists: A Divine Comedy": This Christian improv troupe wanted to spread the Lord's word at a big city Improv Festival. But as they prepare for their big performance they get closer and closer to collapsing under their own secrets and lies. Produced on a shoestring budget and completely improvised by real-life improv troupe Crawlspace Eviction, this ensemble comedy takes on humor and faith with hilarious results! Click HERE to watch the trailer.

The best part is that this is just the beginning of FilmGo.net. As the site grows members will reap numerous benefits, “Because we want to provide our members with new and exciting material as often as possible soon there will be loyalty programs for members only such as 'Free Movie Mondays'. We want our members to keep coming back to enjoy the site; whether it’s through our movies, music, and games; or simply to interact via Bill’s Blog, we will entertain them, without losing sight of our major purpose which is to give these independent film makers and musicians a valuable vehicle for showcasing their work”.

Exciting indeed. “Once the community of musicians, directors are comfortable not only with their works on the site their hope is that they realize the treasure trove of creative talent we are bringing together and realize some synergies among themselves.”

Moreover, FilmGo.net is an online film festival. Film festivals are traditionally shown in theaters where moviegoers pay upwards of $10 per ticket to watch a movie. This site is in essence following a less expensive model where viewers can watch a movie in the comfort of home or wherever they have an internet connection, on demand, for one admission price. By charging a nominal fee the viewer is supporting the filmmakers which helps provide them with a revenue stream while they await traditional distribution. 545 Productions is very proud of its ability to help assist these independent producers and musicians so their creativity can continue to provide us all with quality entertainment.

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