The First Sausage

SAUSAGE @ The Jamaica Rooms, NOVAS CUC, Liverpool. 25th January 2009.

At last an all day chill out in Liverpool, what a name and what a flyer, probably the best I have seen in a few years…

Track them down while you can... Hosted by Liverpool’s new revolutionaries, the Toxteth Rebel Alliance, a massive amount of effort has been put into transforming a former disused basement into the coolest spot in Liverpool...

Massive video screens, comfy sofa’s, beanbags, records and cd’s (for sale at £1), playstation on a huge screen, hammocks, good food and a cheap pint are all on offer alongside some cracking tunes.

Alongside Tommy Def and King Bats (TRA), we have up Badboy playing a downbeat set and a last minute guest appearance by Doughnutburger whose set was as weird as it was wonderful. Tommy and Bats as ever play some of the best chill out tunes available and in the coming weeks sees them lined up against Frozen Smoke, StephStereo, Entity, G-Lite vs Reynolds and the brilliantly named Dogs Pocket.

All this for free as well (or if you are flush there is a donations box which the boys are building a community sound system with the proceeds).

It is well worth a visit on Sundays from 2-10 pm, to help beat the credit crunch blues and get you off the sofa. Sunday afternoon is the new Saturday night…

Support your community now.

07980 868 001

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