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Mixed Up
This issue we take you around the globe in search of the perfect mixtape. Electro-pop princes Junior Boys tell all about their new record before lacing us with a 10-song tribute to those who most impacted Begone Dull Care. Pop Levi does up a quick half-side of Sparks hits for your listening pleasure. Over in Baltimore, Dan Deacon gets crazy with his new record, Bromst, before delivering "10 Poorly Juxtaposed Pieces." Also: Pan/Tone, Butch, Circlesquare, and Black Milk.

NY-based DJ/producer Sabo furnishes us with the next installment of the XLR8R podcast, and for anyone who didn't think Argentinean folk music and Big Daddy Kane could fit together, here's a mix that should refute that idea.

Mary Anne Hobbs
Music obsessive Mary Anne Hobbs has the power to make and break emerging artists on her influential BBC Radio 1 show. Lately, she's been so tapped into the what she calls West Coast Rocks—L.A. and San Francisco bass-heavy producers such as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Lazer Sword, Ghosts on Tape, Samiyam, and Gaslamp Killer (just to name a few)—that she made a special pilgrimage to see it with her own eyes.

Junior Boys
On their new album, electro-pop duo Junior Boys wade through an ocean of surprising influences, yacht rock included. Photo by May Truong.

XLR8R's Top 20 MP3s of February
After rounding up the data, we’ve come to the conclusion that February was a nice month for melodic techno and electro-style remixes, not to mention a good preview of several releases about ready to hit record store shelves.

Artist to Watch: Duchess Says
Fronted by the keytar-wielding vocalist Annie-Claude DeschĂȘnes, the Montreal folks that comprise Duchess Says are a live force who animatedly rip through dance-punk numbers that owe as much to The Slits as they do Don Caballero.

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