A little shoutout to Chillin Music

A few people have been getting on me about what kinds of tracks have I been playing out. Okay, I live in a small town and trainspotting is about all we get around here so let's just leave it at that. What I've really been diggin are the sounds of Orlando's Sleazy McQueen and Rob Slac- especially their latest partnership on Chillin Music entitled "Broadway Flow". Some may dismiss Orlando as being strictly a breaks town but there's been an effload of good house music from the Redneck Riviera, too. This release just happens to be newest and has two mixes that kill.
McQueen drops a slow jam that can stand a good pitch up on the Pioneers and still manage to move a crowd. It's deep, it's late night, melodic, yup every little thing I like in a track, I think it even has a gd cowbell, too. Oh goodie!
Sasse, another cat I profess my late night faith to, comes out guns ablazin' on his rework of Rob Slac's "Far East Flow". I admit, I though it was little proggy at first, but the angry garridge bassline that dominates this track is perfect for that heads-down 4AM crowd and it's really grown on me over time. It's a tough science predicting which tracks heard in headphones at home will actually become the true dancefloor hits on any given night.

I've included a little teaser for you to sample all of the mixes. Tell me what you think...

and this would be the buy link for the release (and Chillin Music) : http://www.beatport.com/label/chillin_music

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