Ableton is once again collaborating with Dancetracks to sponsor a remix competition in which participants will vie to compose the best remix of the Pezzner track ‘Valldemossa’ from Freerange Records. Through the end of July, contestants will upload their remixes to the competition website, where the tracks will be showcased and voted on by listeners.
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The winner, determined by online voters and Freerange, will receive a grand prize digital record-release with Freerange. Other prizes incl
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ude a copy of Ableton Live 8, a pair of M-Audio deluxe studio monitors, a Dubspot Professional Mixing & Mastering session, a Glyph Technologies professional-grade hard drive, Dancetracks free download credits and more.

The contest aims to provide undiscovered artists with the opportunity to exhibit their talent and gain entry to the competitive music industry. The winner of last year’s Dirtybird remix contest, Romanian producer ICS now has a full release on Dirtybird, as well as having his tracks supported by Claude VonStroke, and receiving plays on BBC Radio One.

“In this digital age it's getting increasingly difficult to check out the millions of demos that are flying around on a daily basis so as an upcoming producer it can get really frustrating.” says Jimpster, Freerange Records founder. “This competition on Dancetracks is a great way of getting your stuff noticed and with the added bonus of being able to flex your production muscles on an already established track.”

“Feel free to let loose and let your inner artist speak loudly. We're excited to hear what you do!” said Pezzner, the producer of the Valldemossa EP on Freerange, from which the remix track is taken.

Dancetracks co-founder I.J. Catling also added “We have always had a great response to our remix contests, as we work with top labels on putting these together to give contestants the experience of remixing a real track. Freerange are one of the best labels out there and Pezzner’s track is red hot. We cant wait to hear all the remixes”.

The contest, which runs until the end of July, is free to enter. Users can download the remix parts from the contest site and can also download Ableton Live 8 demo version to play with the remix, free of charge. The remix parts have been organized into a Live audio file-set (.als set), warped and arranged for easy mixing.


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