The Units - release 'High Pressure Days' 12" this June

The Units’ tight keyboard riffing, raw electronic texture, monotone delivery, raging synth arpeggios and growling Moog basslines practically define synthpunk’s futuristic, alienated disposition. Thematically, Units’ music explored and exploded the very nature of “unit-like”conformity- perhaps using their synth blasts to tear away the very fabric of it. “High Pressure Days” is a testament to the loneliness and urgency of the times (being the Eighties, I think these guys were on an early Rodney On the Roq comp...)

The Units are back with High Pressure Days. This rework comes courtesy of Headman, the recording alias of Relish Recordings boss Robi Insinna, who offers up a fairly loyal take on the track, not wanting to mess with it too much, keeping things tight, if slightly more grounded by bass weight. Relish are re-releasing this plus the original on 12", while there's also a remix from Rory Phillips, who himself bathed in the post-punk revival around the century's beginning with a residency at late London club Trash.


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